Monday, March 14, 2011




It is from an earthquake to today's the 4th day. I sincerely pray for a lot of victim. Kimonosnack in the future delivers the blog that everybody becomes energetic the same as always. I made the conference on Masshiva last night and the opening power saving poster was made.

Now,there are neither bread nor rice in the supermarket. Today's blog is a photograph of two weeks ago. the place It ishere. It became reference of dishing up. I want to dish up in this way tonight.I will cook the foods in the house.
I saw the blog,Be faburos and hiko' style

wearing:hooded sweat shirt at Sony Plaza,Junya Watanabe tops,used jeans at trampoin


  1. I'm very shocked about how there were more life-threatening events that occurred after the earthquake, but I feel so hopeful because many people in Japan seem to know how to react to them well.

    Your meal looks very fancy! I hope to make a nice dinner too after reading your post.

  2. >Angel

    Thank you for your comment.

    We have many problem now,
    but deal with these positively.

    So, come again, please!!