Tuesday, April 12, 2011


4/10、高円寺であったデモにthe maskzは参加してきました。デモは、学生運動みたいな怖くて危険なイメージがあるみたいですね。実際は、どちらかというとフェスに近い感じです☆
the maskzのFUKIさんのブログにも、今回のお話がありました。Masshivaのブログでは、動画もアップしました。

☆wearing:H&M hat,H&M jacket,H&M shirt,D&G belt

4 / 10, the maskz had joined the demonstration in Koenji.The demo seems to have an image like activists fear dangerous. In fact, I feel rather close to the festival with.Miyako Maekita descriptions, actually, I was surprised to know that renewable energy is catching up about not depending on nuclear power station.I felt that "the primary is safe" was believed imperceptibly.Now,I believe in the potential of renewable energy at will and
I wanted to study hard to support.
You can read this theme on Fuki's blog. I posted YouTube onMasshiva.

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  1. i love all the design's mask. are you live in japan? hope you're doing well there . take care sweety!

    love all your photos :D