Wednesday, April 06, 2011

strawberry milk


昨夜、信藤三雄さん率いるsafety & clean を目指す"MASKS"が結成されました。私もメンバーです。そして、4月10日(日)高円寺 14時集合の反原発デモに参加します。ドイツでは3/26に25万人のデモがありました。日本では、デモのイメージに抵抗がある方が多いと思います。もちろん私もその一人です。2008年の長野であった「フリーチベット」で初めてデモに参加しました。その時の写真はこちら>>>。まだ小さなアンジも旗を振っているところが写っています。デモは好きではないですが、参加したことはいい経験になりました。今回も、デモは好きではないけど、今できる事の中の一つと思ったので行ってきますね。また、後日、報告します。どなたでも、ふら〜っと参加できるものですが、心配な事や不明点などありましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください☆

The new term of my son has started today who is second grade of junior high-school.
Every year, he spends spring vacation of one week in Toyokawa City, Aichi where my parents' home is located.
This time, I was surprised when he was coming back, because his voice has changed!
I and Mr. CBA did the Masshiva's dish research during my son's absence.
Mr. CBA is a teacher, and I am a student.
Therefore, my whispering is a prohibition during cooking.
I was glad very much that Mr. CBA like the idea that put the strawberry milk in the Japanese teacup.
Our Japanese teacups and Japanese towels are sold here!
And other table coordinates is here, Masshiva's blog.

"MASKS" was formed last night which aims at safety & clean, and Mr. Mitsuo Shindo is leading.I am one of the members.
And I will participate in the anti-nuclear power plant demonstration at 14 o'clock Sunday, April 10 in Koenji.
250,000 people demonstrated in March 26 in Germany.
In Japan, many people are somewhat repulsed by demonstration, and I don't like demonstration very much.

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