Tuesday, November 08, 2011

survival women's road

Nameko Shinsan's new book is "survival women's road". I taught her Japanese dance in the book. You can see our photo here!
It is an important book for women when we are alone. If there is this book, it is likely to be a good relation with an important man.


★Infomation of Japanese dancing school/舞のお教室のご案内★

It is a classroom suitable to the direction of liking to learn slowly at your home 25㎡.
I go to there and teache by man-to-man.
You can learn at the pace yourself Japanese dance in the more nearly if you try to do first time. Experience is OK. Please ask.
Reference 080-3310-2715/masshivama2@gmail.com

出張形式マンツーマンでご指導しますので、日本舞踊が初めての方にもご自分にあったペースで学ぶことができます。 場所は6畳ほどのスペースがあれば大丈夫です。 体験(無料)もできますので、お気軽にお問合せください。
お問合せ先 080-3310-2715/masshivama2@gmail.com

teacher: Shizuki Yoshimura(Akiko Hiramatsu)
style: man-to-man
bringing: Tabi, Kimono or Yukata(I help you wear Kimono)
one lesson: 5000yen(40 minutes)+transportation(from Shimokitazawa station to the plece)

講師:吉村紫月(平松昭子)/Shizuki Yoshimura(Akiko Hiramatsu)


  1. I saw your pic, congrats! I follow you :)

  2. You taught japanese dance to her? How cool!! I hope that there will also be an italian edition of the book!

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  4. Thank you for many comments.^^
    I'm so happy ♥