Sunday, March 17, 2013


Somei Yoshino bloomed in Tokyo yesterday ,and today it was also one warm day. Although much wash was also completed, since the ovulatory pain was becoming severe, I neglected to cook and prepared boulangerie Cadeau bread as supper.
By the way, today's photograph are the dinners of the 2nd day of NY tour night. Italian at VICE VERSA. It was as delicious as I wanted to go right now. There was only one restroom, was crowded ,and the 60's man was front of me. His wife was angry, "carry out early", and "I go home by car!". He said only No and NO!, then a big man came out from the toilet at last before long, and she also became quiet. Although I do not understand the person where from a country, I was pleasant as they were like a movie.
I will post a kate spade 2013 fall collection tomorrow. I was able to meet a designer, Deborah Lloyd!

さて、本日の写真はNYツアー2日目夜のディナーです。VICE VERSAというイタリアン。今すぐにでも行きたいくらいおいしかったです。お手洗いが一つしかなく混んでいて、私の前に60代くらいの男性がいました。その奥さまが「早くして」と何度も怒っていて、しびれをきらした彼女は車で先に帰ると言出し、夫はNo,NO!しかいわなくて、そのうちやっとトイレから大男がでてきて奥さんも静かになりました。どこの国の人かわかりませんが、映画を見ているみたいで楽しかったです。
明日はいよいよkate spade 2013 fallコレクション。デザイナーのデボラさんにも会えました!お楽しみに。