Monday, June 02, 2014

Ron Herman in the twilight

I went to mignonplan with Miyauchi-san who was a buyer of trampoin tomorrow. mignonplan is a company for dogs and cats and it has a hospital, a salon and a hotel, etc…, I will post the photos soon! I had a rendezvous with Miyauchi-san at Ron Herman in Sendagaya in Tokyo before we went to migunonplan. We found beautiful bouquet in the shop, and we were satisfied very much. On sunday afternoon there are many fashionable families. Ron herman was born in 1976 at Melrose Avenue in LA. I have liked NY for a long time, but recently I like LA because NY feels like Tokyo. I wish a travel in LA this year!


DVF tops, hazel skirt (I got at trampoin), kate spade bag, necklace, shoes and watch, and Gallery 1950 sunglasses


  1. Hope you get to travel to LA this year!!

    1. Thank you trishie!
      I want to go to LA early and am excited♡