Friday, May 05, 2017

How To Customize Sazaby Canvas Tote From Glow Magazine

The newest issue of Glow magazine has a gift of a tote bag from Sazaby. The bag has alphabet patches. To be honest, I’m not good with a customizable bag. But now I’ve been into it since I got the ‘Make It Mine’ series bag from Kate Spade. ‘Make It Mine’ is so easy and beautiful to make because of the great features from Kate Spade. But the magazine’s gift of the tote bag was a little difficult. I had to look for something aside from alphabet patches. First, I thought that I would draw illustrations with the alphabet patches on the bag. But I would love to try something else as well. Then I looked for pictures of canvas tote bags on Pinterest. and I found out that handles were rope. So I decided to use rope! I sketched the design of bag and went shopping for materials. I was so tired at the shop... After dinner, I made my bag. It was as I'd imagined. By the way, Glow magazine has held a design contest of the bag customized by you on Glows Instagram @glow_tkj. You can know more information from the newest issue of Glow magazine!

発売中のGLOW6月号の付録はサザビーのカスタムトートはアルファベットのワッペン付きです。 実をいうとカスタムものは苦手でしたが、ケイト・スペードのMAKE IT MINEシリーズのバッグを愛用するようになってからカスタムの楽しさに目覚めました。 MAKE IT MINEの場合は、お店やオンラインでパーツが揃っているのでセンスのいい組み合わせが簡単にできます。 しかし今回の場合、ワッペン以外は頭を使わないといけないので難しいです。 得意なイラスト案はすぐに浮かびましたが、もうひとひねり欲しくて、 このキャンバス地のトートバッグに近い画像をPinterestで集めまくりました。 すると、ハンドル部分にロープを使っているものが多い事に気づき、ストラップをロープにするアイデアが! デザイン画を描きイメージが固まってから、足りない材料を買って(ハンズでくたくたになりました…)、予定の無い夕食後に作成。 不器用な私にしては上出来かなあと思います。 このカスタムバッグは、GLOWの公式インスタグラムからコンテストに応募できます。 詳しくはGLOW6月号で♡

United Arrows top and skirt, kate Spade watch and sunglasses. Converse shoes, Pherrow's hat


  1. I think this is a cool idea to have your own personalised bag! You look very cute!

  2. Oh you look so elegant, Akiko. I love your style, casual-chic. I am not good at customize things... That said, your bag is super nice after your personal touch.

  3. Oh this is such a great idea. Love your whole red outfit with that blue canvas bag, it feels very sailor style.


  4. You look absolutely gorgeous and elegant, dear friend! :)

  5. Wonderful idea , this bag looks great :-)

  6. What a great idea is to have your own unique bag! Of course your sketch makes it precious!!♡♡

  7. I appreciate your lovely comments!
    I would love to try next customize something :)


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