Formal Kimono Affair

Whenever I wear this formal kimono, I feel so gorgeous. I ordered this kimono when I was thirty years old. It was the first time I ordered a kimono, and I didn't know much about kimonos. I asked a staff member at a kimono store in a famous department store in Tokyo. I wrote about my experience at that time in my book, "Akiko's KIMONO JIKENBO" that means the Case-Book about kimonos of Akiko Hiramats. I told her "I'll leave it up to you", then other staff came out around me. I couldn't ran away on tatami mats because they pay lip-service to me. I knew they didn't mean it, but what they said still made me happy. I felt like a queen and payed a great deal of money for the kimono. After that, I had worn it only once in a year, so I started to regret my purchase. However that kimono had such a great power, and it let me forget my depression. I really wanted to become a it woman who suited the kimono. Suddenly, I felt motivated to study about different kimonos because of understanding the value of the kimono. At last, I became one with the kimono.! I felt it clinged to me. It must not just be static electricity. I wonder if my body really needs the kimono's silk. Anyway, we both suit each other.


Takashimaya kimono, Erizen obi, Komastuya zori (sandals), Saint laurent bag


  1. Amazing look! That traditional colors looks so pure!
    Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  2. Traditional Japanese clothes is the best ever. I envy you because you are Japanese and can wear these beauties every time you like. The pale blue shade looks amazing on you! This shade makes you skin shine@

  3. Really love kimonos, and this one you're in is just adorable
    Great my dear

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style

  4. Lovely print and colors, so chic Akiko!
    Kisses, Paola.


  5. I would love to try a traditional kimono like this one. So Beautiful!

  6. Akiko, this such a modern and great approximation to the kimono culture! I'd say I'm not an expert in this matter but I adore to see the textures and fabrics they use to create such pieces of art!

    And I adore that you included a fashionable actual bag in this outfit, perfect contrast between modernity and tradition!



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