Fall 2021 From Display Windows At Omotesando

Hi everyone! It has been September already! I was late to post a new article on my blog because it had been taken a long time for Instgram stories. It is very difficult to keep balance with some SNS, hahaha. Anyway, today's post is about fall 2021 from display windows at Omotesando in Tokyo. I have been obsessed with outfits for this fall, so I can't check the Tokyo Fashion Week 2021 S/S that started recently.
もう9月ですね!ブログ更新が少々遅れてしまいましたが、みなさま、お元気でしたでしょうか。 ちょうど今、2020 S/S東京ファッションウィークの真っ只中ですが、秋物のお洋服のことで頭がいっぱいですので、本日は、表参道でのトレンドリサーチをお届けします。キラキラのショーウィンドウとファニーでエレガントなフォトイラストも一緒に、優雅なひと時をお楽しみくださいませ。

There are many luxurious diplay windows around Omotesando. Google map is here. I really love those windows looks like a Jewelry box during the state of emergency. An idea for my home decoration also kept popping into my head. The real color trends in Tokyo are chocolate brown from some brands and cobalt blue from Loewe and Balenciaga. Bling, Shining, and glitter from Gucci is also stunning. Almost brands have ridged-sole shoes. How about your nearest city? Next, I am going to write about my outfit. Currently I love wearing black and white items when I go out to the city. Around my home, I often wear my brand, "Love and Goregeous" T-shirt which is so colorful. To be honest, this large tote bag is a jacket bag from Celine. I sewed the right and left sides. It is a good size to put a big skech book, too! Is it good sustainable idea, isn't it? Enjoy happy September<3

2021秋冬コレクションがきらめく表参道のショーウィンドウ。緊急事態宣言が続いている中、宝石箱みたいに輝いていました。夢や秘密が上品に並べられているのを見ると自宅のデコレーションアイデアも次から次へと浮かんできます。 リアルな東京のトレンドは、個人的にも大好きなチョコレート色のお洋服を多く見かけました。他には、ロエベやバレンシアガにもあったコバルトブルー。グッチのキラキラ素材。靴はサバイバルな世の中の風潮を反映しているようなゴツゴツしたソールが定着しています。 さて、この日のわたしのコーディネイトですが、最近モノトーンが多いです。ふだんカラフルなLOVE&GORGEOUSのTシャツを着ている反動かも。エブールのノースリーブとカーディガンのセットは肌触りが極上のシルクコットン。厚地ですので型崩れもしにくいです。ラージトートは、セリーヌのジャケットカバーのサイドを縫ってみました。大きいスケッチブックも入れやすくとても使いやすいでです。それでは来週もお楽しみに♡

Ebure top and cardigan, Rika skirt, Celine jacket bag, sunglasses, and sandals, Kate Spade bag


  1. I like walk and ,watch how brands decorate their windows for fall 2021. Thank you for sharing how it look in your city.

  2. JUST love your blog and already followed! I want invite you to visit and follow mine back if you want <3


  3. Beautiful windows, I love the new F/W collections! And what a cute bag!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. I love all doodle that you draw hahah nice

  5. So great to see window displays, especially in collages mixed with your illustrations. I love your illustrating style. Your fashion illustrations are always fabulous. I also really like your outfit. You look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  6. Oooh Akiko, this is so magical! *_*

    First of all I hope you're having a nice beginning of the month, can't believe that September is here!

    And talking about the walking around Omotesando, thank you so much! I would love to visit Tokyo one day and probably visit one of these stores.... just a question is this are where they opened the Louis Vuitton cafe that looks like an aquarium? I love window shopping and the way designers styled the displays every season. You should check Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, there is a lovely Loewe store that you'd love!

    And I loved your outfit and the way you drew the characters to take a walk around the area. My favorite is the one with the Lindtt chocolate treat and the Celine tote.... just like your bag! :)


  7. Such chic styles! Love your bag!


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