Tuesday, January 25, 2011

samisen school #1


I played Samisen on the 22th. The place at 「koromoya × WAGU」in Ningyoucho. Last year, we have the "masshiva show" at there. The teacher is GOKICHIRO Masuya. He is famous "Nagauta"singer and "Samisen"player. I was narves,becouse right of front for teatcher. But,he warm parsonality. How ever if you get carried away you'll risk failure so take care!
The Samisen is very compact. We can put it in to a bag. The Samisen is the only instrument which break in to pieces. By the way A New Samisen sounds very very beatiful. Old one is not good. Usually, Old guiter or vaioline is better than new one, but Samisen is diffarent. So we use old Samisen for practice, and use new one for the performance. The Samisen which we use at performance is a cat pelt. And which use at is a dog pelt. I remenber my little black dog. He is very pretty. Tommorow is upload a in actual fact playing Samisen.See you next☆

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