Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Styling A Pink Kimono With A Polyvinyl Clutch Bag From Mame Kurogouchi

Hi everyone! I saw beautiful cherry blossoms around my home. Today's kimono is pink like cherry blossoms, and I chose this chic obi (kimono belt) because this kimono is too lovely for me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My Basic Outfit In Kyoto

In Tokyo, it has become much warmer now, so I don't need a coat. Today's photos were took in Kyoto two years ago because I forgot to post. This outfit is my basic style. Cropped top, slim pants, kitten heels, chain bag, and sunglasses! I think that it is timeless, and it is also good that the pink top is changed to mint green one which is one of some trendy colors.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My Illustration For Numero Tokyo And My Skirt From Old Celine

I drew my illustrations for the newest issue of Numero Tokyo magazine that featured Papurico-san. She is called a fairy in internet, and her blog 'Watching Humanoid Monster Men' is so interesting. Actually, it was second time I drew for her. I posted about it on my blog before, and you can see it here!


Thursday, March 07, 2019

A Bread Festival called 'Pannofes' And The Mitsushi Yanaihara 2019 Exhibition In Yokohama

Last week, I went to two great events in Yokohama with a friend from my college days. Her name is Kiyo, and she lives in Yokohama, so she also planned some sightseeing for me! First, we joined a bread festival called 'Pannofes' around 3:00 pm. It is the biggest bread festival in Japan, so half of the shops were closed because their bread was sold out. Fortunately, We were able to get one of our favorite breads, blueberry bread from Bakery Penny Lane. Next, a big sale of some shops started, and lots of bread were 100 yen (0.89$ )!! Both of our hands were full of bread! After that we went to a cafe and then went to the opening reception of the Mitsushi Yanaihara 2019 Exhibition. I met Mr. Mitsushi Yanaihara, and I thought he was so kind. I was inspired by his artwork. He is a fashion designer and he collaborates with different kinds of people, for example people who live in a rundown area, work in a medical facility or local factory, etc...

先週は、横浜の友達のキヨと久しぶりに会って、二つのビッグイベントに連れて行ってもらいました。一つ目は、日本最大級のパンフェス2019春。私たちは午後3時半ごろに会場の横浜赤レンガ倉庫に着きました。すでに売り切れて閉まっているお店が多かったですが、那須のBakery Penny Laneのピンクのブルーベリーパンを奇跡的にゲット。さらに、百円セールがあちこちで始まり、両手に抱えきれないほどパンを購入しました。その後、キヨとお茶をしていたら、あっという間に日が沈みムーディな横浜の夜を二人で観光しながら次のイベント会場へ移動しました。
ずっと気になっていた矢内原充志さんの展覧会、MITSUI YANAIHARA 2019 EXHIBITION、この日はオープニングレセプションでしたので矢内原さんにお会いできました。日本3大のドヤ街のひとつである横浜市寿町の人々にマッチした服を製作して着てもらい、ポートレートに納めていくアートワークがとても印象的でした。

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snowflake-shaped Family Crest Kimono With Sculpture "LOVE" By Robert Indiana

Kimono's rule of patterns and motif is usually depend on season, but snowflake-shaped family crest called 'Yukiwa' is good all year round because it is one of lucky motif. However I love to wear this kimono in winter. This blue kimono seems like a beautiful sky after snowstorm, and I feel like that this a big snowflake-shaped family crest pattern is radiant in that sky. People say a snowflake-shaped family crest's shape is variation hexagon which is the strongest in nature world. In addition, the ring is a little partially missing, and that means humble. After I knew them, I love snowflake-shaped family crest. I took today's photo two days before Valentine's Day. I was looking forward to meet a nice man in front of a big red sculpture "LOVE" by Robert Indiana in Shinjuku in Tokyo. Unfortunately miracle didn't happen... Anyway I found a lovely video on YouTube, that is Andy Warhol's video,"Eat", and Robert Indiana was eating mushroom for about 40 minutes on that video.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Walking With Goro

When my dog, Goro was one year old, he didn't like wearing clothes. When I first put clothes on him, he bit me. So, he had been naked since then. However,the other day he looked cold because he is 14 years old, so I tried putting clothes on him again. I found a cool sweater at a nearby shop, and I chose size 2. The shop manager told me, "A pug's size is usually 5". I said, "My pug is very thin, so I think his size is 2 or 3", but he refused to sell me a size 2. He told me, "A pug's chest or bust is wider than we imagine". I believed him and I got a size 5. Goro seemed to love the sweater, because he didn't bite me while putting it on him. It was perfect fit for his chest size! His waist is so thin, so it looked like he was wearing a king's cape and he was superhero!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Givenchy Trench Dress For Valentine's Day

This excellent dress is from Givency 2017 Spring Trench Dress by Riccardo Tisci that I found at a secondhand shop, Trampoin. These zippers reminds me of bondage pants from Seditionaries. I really love military and pank taste from this dress. Although Tisci's design looks novelty, but it goes well with street.The pre-fall 2019 from Burberry by him was also great. I found lots of clothes which I would like to wear fo business.