Monday, January 18, 2021

Eames Furniture From Gallery 1950

Hello everybody! I guess that many people stay at home longer time in winter, and they often think about interior. I always think about unteria as much as fashion. Today's blog is about colorful eames chairs, and there are in second floor in my house. Goro lives there, and I work there, too. I got those chairs one by one from Gallery1950 before I lived at this house.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

How to Layer Jewelry : 2021 Trendy Style

Hi everyone! How are you? It is very cold in Tokyo, but I am fine because I can forget it during I think about winter outfits! I went to Yayoi Museum and Yumji Takehisa Museum last weekend. It has been very cold in Tokyo. You might worry about me because I wear a thin coat in the first half of pictures. Don't worry, you can see me wearing a long down coat in the last picture!


Monday, January 04, 2021

Happy New Year! Gorgeous Kimono From Mrs R And Happy Obi (Kimono Belt)

Hi everyone, Happy New year! I hope you will have a great year and see a little good something here every week. Today's blog is about a gorgeous kimono from Mrs R and a happy obi (kimono belt)!!

明けましておめでとうございます。みなさまにとって素敵な一年になりますように、いいことが起きますように! さて今年も、私の日常で見つけたちょっといい事を発信していこうと思いますので毎週楽しみにしていてくださいね。さて、本日は着物のお話です。R子お姉さまにいただいた豪華な着物に、ゑり善さんオリジナルの袋帯を合わせてみました。

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Luxurious Motivation With MZ SKIN Facial Roller

Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! Did Santa Claus come your home? I became Santa Claus for my niece and nephew. Their requests of Christmas gifts were interesting. My niece's request is a white rice bowl, and nephew's one is nife and folk which can melt icecream! It is so wonderful that we give gifts for somepne in holiday season. This gold face roller from MZ SKIN is a gift from Forward gave me. Today I will share my beauty life with the product with you!

みなさま、こんにちは。クリスマスにサンタさんは来てくれましたか?私は毎年、甥っ子と姪っ子のサンタさんになって、今年も一か月前にリクエストを聞きました。7歳の姪っ子は「白いお茶碗」、14歳の甥っ子は「アイスが溶けるスプーンとナイフ」をプレゼントしました。私は少し前にカリフォルニアのラグジュアリーオンラインサイト、FORWARDさまから素敵なギフトをいただきました。このMZ SKINのフェイスローラーです。

Sunday, December 20, 2020

What To Wear To Walk My Dog In Winter

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good weekend, and Christmas is just around the corner! The colour of this cardigan is similar to Christmas trees!! It is getting very cold, so I wore T-shrt with prints of my illustration under the cardigan. The crown of my illustration appears out of the cardigan, and it really looks like a Christmas tree. Adri is wearing a T-shirt with the same print, just a different colour on her Instagram. I found this gold chain necklace on Shopbop last month, and I love adding it with different outfit. When I wear a dress, the necklace is an elegant finishing touch. When I wear a T-shart, the necklace is a street-luxurious finishing touch.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Saita Museum And Kimono Fashion Illustrations

Hello everyone! How are you? It is last-autumn in Tokyo, so there are beautiful leaves on the ground in The Saita Museum near my home. This magazine in the first picture is Nanaoh kimono magazine, and there are my kimono fashion illustrations in the magazine. Today I will share Japanese style with you!


Sunday, December 06, 2020

Aroma Herb Bath Salts, Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL "Pretty Flowers"

Hi everybody! I hope you are fine, and please take a rest if you have been not good. When I feel tired, I am very lazy watching Netflix or Amazone prime video all day! My eys and shoulder sore after I look at good looking actors for a long time. I love a massage in the bath remenbering my favorite movie scnene. Today, I am going to share beautiful bath salts with you. It is the aroma herb bath salts, Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL "Pretty Flowers".

みなさま、こんにちは。今週もお元気で過ごせましたでしょうか。体調を崩された方は無理なさらず、ゆっくり休んでくださいね。私も疲れがたまってきたら一日中ドラマや映画を見てだらだらしております。どんなにかっこいい人でも、見つめすぎると目、肩、腰が疲れてきますよね。そんな時は温かいお風呂に入って全身をリラックス。わたしの今、いちばんお気に入りのバスソルトは、Intimissimi × VITAL MATERIAL コラボレーション アロマハーブ バスソルト Pretty Flowersです♡