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Parisian style with Repetto Rain Shoes In Tokyo

Hello lovely readers! The rainy season came in Tokyo last week. How about your place? I started to get new rain shoes or boots. Puddle Rubber boots from Bottega Veneta or Yael Rubber boots from Jimiy Choo are so cool, and I would love to try them! However, I chose Repetto rain shoes, Cendrillon Baby because I am in the mood for Parisian style! みなさまの地域はもう梅雨入りされましたか?関東は先週、梅雨入りしました。雨の日が多いと久しぶりにレインシューズかショート丈のレインブーツを新調したくなってきます。ボッテガのパドルブーツやジミーチューのエンジニアなどゴツくて大きいトレンドも気になりますが、最近の気分はベーシック寄り。そこで、レペットのバレリーナ「 サンドリオン・ベイビー 」を選んでみました。 I used to wear red, black, and Masenta rain shoes, but I got beige to style differently with some items in my closet. These pink-beige shoes are similar to one I wanted. To be honest, it was the first time I got ballet shoes! About two outfits with the same rain shoes, these look like French style. The first one is to walk with my grandson. Our tops are super colorful! The loose silhouette jeans wit

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