Saturday, January 19, 2019

New iMac And iPad Pro In My Small Home Office

My home office isn't perfect, but I love it and it is my basic style. I am temperamental, so there is different colors furniture in my home. I make two themes, colorful rooms or simple rooms. This space for my office's theme is simple. The main colors are white, black and gold. The tension colors are red and pink. I found this Eames tables and this George Nelson Bubble Lamps at my favorite interior shop, Gallery 1950. The lamp was ripped up by my son. I got this Eames chair at The Conran Shop. Last the end of year, I bought a new iMac and iPad Pro. There were my old iMac and Mac Book Air with new items on the table in a while. It was like a cockpit. I look like a master of computer, don't I? Anyway, I gave my sister the old iMac. I wanted to also give her the Mac Book Air because I got the iPad Pro. However I didn't buy keyboard for the iPad, so I couldn't type quickly. I thought I need my Mac Book Air still. I read that Photoshop for iPad Pro will be released this year on internet news. I can't wait. I use Adobe Sketch application, but it isn't good for me, so I'll get Procreate application.

やっと、ホームオフィスが理想の形になってきました。 気分屋の私は、家中にいろんな色が氾濫しているので、カラフルな部屋と色数を絞り込んだ部屋に分けました。このオフィススペースは、ゴールド、白、黒、差し色にピンクと赤の色数少なめのインテリアです。イームズテーブルと息子に破られたジョージ・ネルソンのバブルランプはGallery1950で、イームズチェアはコンランショップです。実は、去年の年末に 新しいiMacと初めてのiPad Proを購入しました。しばらくデスク周りは古いiMacとMac Book Airもあり、まるでコックピットのようでした。すごくコンピュータに詳しそうな人みたいでしょ。データの整理が終わって、5年前のiMacは妹にあげました。iPad ProがあればAirもあげていいかなって思ったのですが、iPad Pro用のキーボードが重たそうだったので購入するのをやめたら、テキストを打つのに時間がかかってしまい、Airはまだ手放せそうにありません。今年、iPad ProのPhotoshopが発売されるのも楽しみです。今はAdobe Sketchを使っていますが、思うように描けないのでProcreateに変える予定です。

Friday, January 11, 2019

New Year Party at Totenko

This week, I had a New Year party with friends at Totenko restaurant in Ueno in Tokyo. We had lunch seeing the Tokyo Skytree. We started the party at 11:30 am, and we talked until over 4:00pm. Time flied! There is the Ueno park near the restaurant, so I had photo shoots with a friend of mine. I could walk for a long time because these boots from Manolo Blahnic are so comfortable and warm. However my leg was cramping up when I went to bed. Speaking of this pink bag, I styled it with kimono in previous post.


Saturday, January 05, 2019

A Buddhist Temple, Toyokawa Inari

Happy New Year! How was your Holiday? I went to a Buddhist temple, Toyokawa Inari near my parent's home. The temple is famous for praying for prosperous business, so many people come there when economy is downturn. Japanese economy has been downturn since 1992, so Toyokawa Inari has been crowded since the same time. I chose this kimono called 'Oshima Tsumugi' that is dyed with mud. This pink bag is from Kate Spade that I got last month at the preview capsule collection event. Although I often choose a thick cashmere stole, this was the first time that I styled this fur with a kimono. I have posted two outfits with this fur before, and you can see them here and here.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Kate Spade New York Spring 2019 Collection

The Kate Spade New York Spring 2019 collection was held at the Tokyo Tower last month. It was the first collection by Nicola Glass's team. Their citrus colors, graphical texture, and 70s taste are so beautiful and modern. I was really moved and I wanted to give Nicola my impression. Fortunately I talked with her!! She kindly answered some questions about her inspiration and family, which was lovely!
先月、東京タワーでケイト・スペード ニューヨーク 2019 スプリングコレクションのプレゼンテーションが開催されました。 ニコラ・グラスさん率いるケイト・スペードの初コレクションです。 シトラスカラー、グラフィカルなテクスチャー、70sテイストがミックスされたモダンで美しい世界観。 とても感動して、この気持ちを来日されたニコラさんに直接お伝えしたくてたまらなくなり、 すると、幸運なことにニコラさんとお話させていただけることになったのです。私の片言の英語にもニコラさんはとっても優しくて、インスピレーションの源やご家族のことなど教えていただきました。

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The New National Stadium And The Tambourin Gallery

I went to the Tambourin gallery yesterday because I am selling my illustration there until the 23rd of this month. You can see the article of making of my illustration here. The gallery has two stations nearby, one is Gaienmae and the other one is Sendagaya. I always get off the Gaienmae station because there are different kinds of beautiful shops around there. This time was the first time that I got off the Sendagaya one. Near the station, we can see the The New National Stadium under constructionarchitected by Kuma Kengo for Olympic in 2010. I have been interested in his works, so I wanted to see this incomplete one. It is rare and valuable opportunity to see incomplete architecture by a great architect!

昨日はタンバリンギャラリーへ行ってきました。今月の23日まで開催中の企画展「Fantastic Days 2018」に私も出展していて、こちらで制作風景をご覧いただけます。タンバリンギャラリーの最寄駅は、外苑前駅か千駄ヶ谷駅。いつもは外苑前で降りますが、最近、隈研吾さんがとても気になるので、建築中の新国立競技場を見たくて千駄ヶ谷駅で降りることにしました。素晴らしい建築家の建築途中を生で見る事ができるなんて、夢のような体験です。

Friday, December 14, 2018

Pinterest Japan Creator Conference 2018

I joined the conference of Pinterest Japan this September. Pinterest is my favorite SNS because it is easy to organize lots of inspiring images! I used to use Pinterest to look for inspiration. Sometimes I post my original photos or illustrations. Pinterest staff said, "Many different companies are looking for ideas from Pinterest, so creators can get business opportunities if they post original content often. Ideally, we should post every day. If that's difficult, you can share your instagram content on Pinterest.

本日は、9月に開催された、Pinterest Japan 初の Creator Conference のリポートをお送りしますね。カンファレンスで学んだことを約2ヶ月半実践してみて、手応えを感じたことなど、皆さまとシェアしたいと思います。私は、SNSの中でPinterestが一番大好き。その理由は、膨大な参考資料画像を簡単にオシャレに整理整頓できるから。今までは、オリジナル画像を投稿するよりも、インスパイアされた画像を集める方が多かったのですが、今回のカンファレンスでオリジナルコンテンツの投稿をビジネスチャンスに繋がるコツを教えていただき、私にもできそうな気がしてきました。まずは、毎日オリジナルコンテンツを投稿すること。もし難しければ、インスタグラムの画像を共有すれば、数秒でできます。

Saturday, December 08, 2018

The Making Of My Illustration For The "Tambourin Gallery presents Fantastic Days"

Hi everyone! Today, I would love to show you making of my illustration for the "Tambourin Gallery presents Fantastic Days". The exhibition starts the 11th of December. The gallery has held the exhibition with many illustrators every year. It was the first time that I joined with it and drew on a tambourine! I tried to draw to go well with different kinds of room. During I was drawing, my dog, Goro was deedy. I sometimes carried him while I drew. It was reminds of my son when he was a baby.

みなさま、こんにちは。本日は、12/11から始まる「TAMBOURIN GALLERY PRESENTS FANTASTIC DAYS 2018」に出品するイラストの制作風景をお届けしますね。タンバリンギャラリー主催の毎年恒例の企画展に初めてお声かけていただき、タンバリンに絵を描くのも初めてです。どんなインテリアにも似合うようにシンプルに仕上げました。来月14歳になるゴローが、日に日に甘えん坊さんになってきたので、アンジが赤ちゃんの時みたいに抱っこして描きました。