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"Okamisan" Teruko Tominaga In Asakusa launched A New Book With My Illustration

Hi everyone! How are you? Today's blog is about Asakusa, which is one of Tokyo's districts. I went there to see a poster for a book with my illustration launch party. The author is Teruko Tominaga , who is a famous team leader in Asakusa. The team revitalized Asakusa over and over again. みなさま、こんにちは。昨日はきれいな中秋の名月でしたね♡満月を上手に撮れなくて少し落ち込んでしまいましたが、本日のブログは、そんな時も即、元気になれる浅草をお届けしますね。先日、「浅草おかみさん会」の 冨永照子理事長 の本『 おかみの凄知恵 』のイラストを描かせていただいたので、仕事の合間にアンジさんと浅草へ行ってきました。 Asakusa is similar to my hometown, Toyokawainari. For hat reason, I can feel comfortable whenever I go to Asakusa. This time, I wanted to go to Towada soba restaurant of "Okamisan" Teruko Tominaga. It was really delicious! Have you tried soba? Do you like soba? Fortunately, she used my illustration for Towada noodle soup base package. You can see it here . I am a big fan of soba, so I am

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