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Trendy, Timeless, And Beautiful Sandals

Hello! I hope you are having a fantastic day! In Tokyo, the rainy season has just begun, and I feel like that my body is like a heavy stone because of raining every day...I tried to declutter sandals in my closet slowly, then I could select beautiful new sandals! みなさま、こんにちは。雨の日が多いので、なんだか気分も体も重くなってきますよね。無理しないでクローゼットはアイテムを絞って、少しずつお片付けしています。いつの間にかスペースからはみ出していたサンダルも整理したら、素敵なサンダルを選ぶことができました! I got flat sandals from Celine. These sandals are trendy, timeless, and beautiful! Unfortunately the sandals made me pain in my leg because those leathers still have been tough. I will share with you whether the sandals become comfortable or not after I wear them a few times. However, I am satisfied with them except for the problem. It is wonderful that some usual outfits turned into new outfits! Particularly the sandals are great with jeans. A few years ago, I found today's Jeans from Muji. It is so comfortable, so I got another one recently. Anyway, I wore th

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