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A Plaid Kimono Like lattice design At Tokyo Opera City

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day in the middle May! Thank you for reading my blog at different each place in the world, and it is really fantastic. Lately Goro is getting better, so I went out to a gallery near my home and to see Toko Shinoda: a retrospective for two hours. Goro wakes up every two or three hours, and he howls. It was a very short time, but wearing kimono makes me feel like that I took a trip for a few days. みなさま、こんにちは。気づいたらあっというまに5月の下旬になっていました。さて、最近やっとゴローが少し回復してきたので、ゴローがぐっすり眠っている間に、そおっと近所のオペラシティーへ2時間だけお出かけしてみました。楽しみにしていた 篠田桃紅展 へ行ってきました。日中のゴローは2〜3時間で目を覚まして吠え始めるので、2時間でタイムリミットは慌ただしかったですけど、着物を着るとちょっと小旅行へ出かけてきたような気分になれました。 It was the second time to see Toko Shinoda Exhibition. Her style is mixed traditional calligraphy with modern abstract expressionism, and her composition is so cool and pure. It is amazing that she expressed infinitely with only Sumi (Japanese black ink) and a few other colors. Whenever I se

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