Wednesday, February 09, 2011

pink kreva


The place It is Shibuya station intersection. CBA had taken a picture before Japanese danced it was the practice of yesterday's blog. A pink character of KREVA was beautiful. I was watched by Mr. KREVA. He is a devilish man. I was made not to be defeated either. And, I have raised the devilishness degree.
I chose red gloves. It became the effective color of the kimono styling. Gloves are articles of consumptions. So, I bulkbuy gloves for next year at this time when the sale cheapened further every year. I recommend shopping by the second floor of Shibuya Seibu. Because it becomes empty.
It is easy for the bag to be also good the balance of externals, and to have used lady Dior very much with the Roberta bag of almost the same size (appendix of GLOW) when it has 2 pieces.

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