Monday, June 06, 2011

scarf book

DRESSTERIOR shirt, A-E-R shorts, Peche necklace

I drew a lot of illustrations for Coci la elle scarf at AUGUSTA which is a bread and cafe shop. I like the shop very much! We are making a book of scarves with the message that Scarves are miracle! I never knew. If you have a favorite scarf, you won't need a lot of clothes. And your closet will be simple and beautiful! You can buy Coci la elle scarves and umbrella at SFT in of THE NATIONAL ART CENTER,TOKYO today 6/6-8/8.
今、Coci la elleのスカーフを使って、素敵な仲間と本を作っています。この日は、スカーフを実際に使っているところを見ながら、その場で図解を描きました。場所は大好きな、天然酵母パンとカフェのお店「AUGUSTA」です。本日6/6〜国立新美術館SFTCoci la elleの展示と販売がされます。


  1. Great work! =) Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I love your blog :D
    I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D


  3. great post!!! very nice and interesting!

  4. I love your yellow outfit
    love this post...check out my latest post my dear :) :)

  5. What you wrote about scarves is so true. I really need to find a nice patterned one in blue! Thank you so much for following me - that means a lot to me!

  6. Sounds interesting!
    I like watching those YouTube videos where they teach you to wear a scarf in several ways. Indeed they are amazing :)

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