Saturday, September 24, 2011

French movie?

Do you think this photo is one scene French movie? No, it is my facepack and my job for be-ST magazine. You can read about it on 10/17. The photo was taken by Yuki Nakada. She is a beauty writer and she also is very beautiful!!! Her blog is here! Only Japanese, but I wish you translate by google dictionary. I am sorry you may be unable to see except Japan.

1.CBA posted new Masshiva blog. I painted about GIRLS GENERATION.
2.My colum "Akiko Hiramatsu Japanese style" appear in SANKEI EXPRESS(newspaper) tomorrow(10/25).

2.明日25日(日)は、SANKEI EXPRESS「平松昭子の和のスタイル」掲載日。3分でできるかぼちゃのおやつレシピ。駅売店などで、みつけてね!


  1. cray ;) :D

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  2. Very very interesting post. You look really cute when you smile!!!
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    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. sweet fancy bananas....are you ever a cutie right there!!!! love that shot and the feature is such exciting news. congrats Akiko! cool factor triumph. thank you for your darling comment, makes me smile from the inside out! ♥

  4. So amazing!!!!
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