Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood shoes

I bought the shoes at Vivienne Westwood shop in Nagoya located in the center of Japan. I was 20 years old and shopping at there for the first time! I did many part-time job to save money. Now, "VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SHOES, AN EXHIBITION 1973-2012" has been held in Tokyo. I want to go very much!!!
この靴は、確か20歳の頃、名古屋のVivienne Westwoodでお買い物しました。当時、Oliveなどで中川比佐子さんが履いているのを見て、バイトをがんばってお金を貯めて買った思い出の靴。今、表参道ヒルズでVivienneの靴の展覧会がやっていますね。早く行きたいです。