Stop The Nukes!

1.VIVA YOU jacket, CHNEL bag / 2.3.The Maskz T-shirt, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG dress / 4.5. Shibuya WWW / 6.7.8. The Maskz / 9.audience / 10. Open Reel Ensemble / 11.12 tajima kazunali, Open Reel Ensemble / 13.14.15The Maskz/ 16. odajimasan, junkosan, i / 17. audience and The Maskz

The event of 2/22 of The Maskz was a success! Thank you for you who came although you were busy. . If you couldn't come this time, please come next time!!!

2/22のThe Maskzのイベントは、今まで見たことがないほど感動的でした!お忙しい中、いらしてくださったみなさま、ありがとうございます。今回、来れなかったみなさまも、次回お時間ありましたらぜひ☆


  1. Interesting looking event!
    I am wondering what it is c:

    The "stop the nukes" shirt is hilarious!


  2. Interesting event and pots! Thanks to share it!!

    xoxo from BCN
    La Vie Quotidienne

  3. Thank you for your many comments!!!
    I will visit you soon!
    Have a good weekend!



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