Tuesday, June 12, 2012

room service

my wearing DVF dress and cardigan, kate spade bangle

This is the room service of a hotel. My friend, her son and my son. Our children made noise and they crawled about the floor. A meal is ready and very free so that he may like wholly. But we do not need to get angry. We had a meal freely. The hotelman tidied up, so it was a dreamlike night.


  1. Looks good! I've never ordered room service at a hotel before; I was always worried if the food would be good or not :P

  2. ルームサービス美味しそう♪3番目の写真は息子さんだった様な。。?こんなに大きいお子様がいる様にはホント全く見えません。。!DVFのドレス+マスタードカラーのカーディガンのコンビネーションが素敵です☆ akiko
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