Sunday, September 30, 2012

autumn in Kimono

Erizen Kimono, secondhand Obi, kate spade bag

I gave and ordered this Kimono at Erizen about 10 years ago. I think it is new outfit with kate spade bag on it, so I am very glad!!! The couple looks very pleasant. CBA advised me that the gold Obizime (a string of Obi) is good, too.

この塩瀬の着物は10年くらい前にゑり善で誂えました。この着物に、kate spadeのバッグを合わせてみたら、新しい感じになって嬉しいです。塩瀬の帯の夫婦も楽しそうですね。帯締めをゴールドにしても合いそうです。


  1. Cute bag<3 Kate Spade is one of my favorite<3 You look so gorgeous in Kimono<3!!

    little K.