Monday, February 25, 2013

Charity Gala Party

My report about Charity Gala Party is posted on kate spade new york official blog! Click the first and the second volume!!! I wanted to know about GALA PARTY that is first time for me. I could know the dress cord that is very formal!!! Hidetoshi Nakata dressed up. I worried and told CBA ,''Are you OK?", but he was angry , "I don't have a formal clothes!".
So, I thought I had to go alone. But I knew not formal but casual party style, and told him soon. His outfit was very very cool!!! I love it!

チャリティガラパーティのリポートがやっとできました。kate spade公式ブログで、前編後編にわけてアップされています。ガラパーティは、初めての体験でしたので事前にネットで調べてみたら、中田英寿が正装している印象が強くて、CBAにそれを伝えたら、「そんな服はもっていない」と不機嫌になられてしまいました。

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