Saturday, March 16, 2013


I moved to SOHO from Brooklyn and I had a short free time. I went to shopping the perfume of a grapefruit at fresh which Mayuhaaan taught me. The shop has not landed at Japan yet. Next, the store of exhusband of Tory Burch. Moreover, I returned to fresh, I asked the salesclerk to teach the place of DVF, and I arrived at last just before remaining time! Since I wore the dress of DVF when the door of the store was opened, it is "Oh!!! DVF customer! " and the salesclerk welcomed. but I must return to a meeting place immediately, "if I will have time tomorrow, I will come again, maybe." I said and was in inside of a shop for about 1 minute. Though it was regrettable, I could not have no time on the next day. I wish I go to DVF again on fashion week in September! And I would love to take DVF taxi!
I post the dinner of great italian to you tomorrow!

ブルックリンからSOHOへ移動し、自由行動の時間が少しありました。Mayuhaaanに教えてもらった日本にまだ上陸していないfreshでグレープフルーツの香水をお買い物。その後、トリーバーチの元夫のお店へ。またfreshに戻り、店員さんにDVFの場所を教えてもらって残り時間ぎりぎりでやっと到着しました!お店のドアを開けると、私がDVFのワンピースを着ていたので、"Oh!!! DVF customer!"と店員さんが歓迎してくれました。でも、すぐ集合場所に戻らなくてはいけないので、「明日時間があればまた来ます、多分。」と言って店内にいたのは約1分。残念ながら、翌日は全く時間がなくて行けませんでした。9月のファッションウィークで、また行けますように♡そして、DVFタクシーに乗れますように。 明日は、この後の素敵なイタリアンのディナーをお届けしますね!


  1. freshいいですよね〜!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time in New York!