Saturday, May 04, 2013

kimono with a paper bag

second hand Kimono, erizen Obi, Anya Hindmarch bag, D&G sunglasses

I wore this Kimono on my son's senior high school entrance ceremony a month ago. My indoor zori (Kimono sandals) wearing at the gymnasium where the ceremony opened were in the kate spade shopping paper bag. I often collect beautiful paper bags. If we want to have two bags, a paper bag will be so our Kimono!

ちょうど一カ月前の息子の高校の入学式に着た着物です。kate spade のショッピングバッグは会場内で履き替える草履が入っています。着物でバッグを2個持ちしたいときは、きれいな紙袋が一番合うと思うので日頃から集めています。

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