Thursday, August 08, 2013

10 Crosby DEREK LAM

突然好きになった10クロスビー デレクラムのお洋服です。新宿のバーニーズでサイズが2しかなかったので、サイズ0の体にはちょっと大きかったけど、ゆったりしてるのもシルエットがきれいに出てとても着心地がいいです。大人っぽいオールインワンをずっと探していました。こんな風に少し大きいサイズにするといいみたいですね!

I fell in love instantly with 10 Crosby DEREK LAM. I bought size 2 at BARNEYS NEW YORK in Shinjuku, but my size is usually 0. I think slightly a little bigger clothes are very comfortable to wear. There are so many girls dresses out now, I have been looking for women's dress. A over size is so good!

10 Crosby DEREK LAM dress, Christian Louboutin heels, Modify bag, H&H bangle and necklace


  1. How do you walk around town in those high heels!

    1. Hi, Lisa!
      Thankk you for your comment!
      To tell the truth, I can't walk 3 minutes with heels!
      So I change falt shoes everytime...