Friday, January 31, 2014

clouds like old master paintings

冬の晴天は空気が澄んでいてきれいですね。真っ青な空に絵画のような雲!名作絵画の中で息をしているような気分になります。ゴージャスなコートは、1000円の古着にLANVIN en Bleuの肩ファーを合わせています。中にストラップがついていて、リュックみたいに背負うだけでグレードアップ。春物も気になる頃ですが、残りの冬をいろんなファーで楽しみたいです。

It is very beautiful sky in winter. There are clouds like a painting! I feel like that I breath in old master paintings. This gorgeous coat is secondhand coat (1000 yen!!!) with LANVIN en Bleu shoulder fur. 2 straps in the fur, I wore it on my back like a rucksack. I want spring clothes now, but I would try to enjoy with some furs remaining winter!

LANVIN en Bleu shoulder fur, secondhand coat, Sergio Rossi heels, kate spade new york bag, DVF dress and sunglasses, H&M necklace


  1. Very elegant!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. You look so elegant and chic as always! And the sky is stunning! I wish our skies were this blue right now :-)

  3. our sky is always grey:) what an elegant look and amazing pictures indeed!