Wednesday, January 29, 2014

笑酒来福 reception party

日本酒 「笑酒来福」 のお披露目会で舞を舞わせていただきました。 大好きな信藤三雄さんデザインのお酒です。スタイリッシュでかっこよくて、 香りはフルーティでまろやかな口当たり。プレゼントにもぴったりです。 会場は、恵比寿ガーデンプレイスのSTUDIO38。夜景が美しい大人の空間でした。 ジャパントラディショナルカルチャーラボさんのFBでパーティのお写真がたくさんアップされていますので、お楽しみくださいね☆

I did japanese dance for "笑酒来福" sake reception party. Mitsuo Shindo designed it. The design is so cool, the smell is fluty, and it is mild taste. I would like to give it friends. The place is STUDIO38. The night view is very beautiful!!! I think it is for adults not kids. You can see other photos on FB of JAPAN TRADIITONAL CULTURE LAB.


  1. Lovely Japan! I want to visit my family there but it is a really long trip! Well, someday i'll have the honor :)
    I just made a new post with a modern kimono actually :) but that one is so much better!

  2. You look so beautiful in the kimono!!! I wish I was there to watch you dance.

  3. Oh what a gorgeous kimono, you look so beautiful in the kimono too! The dance looks intriguing.

  4. Gorgeous kimono ^^ very elegant dance!

  5. Beautiful post!!! I love your kimono!!
    Besos, Marcela♥