High and Low

A brick wall of Tokyo station is so classical. There is Tokyo Station Hotel on this side. It was redecorated in 2012. I would love to stay there! I got this H&M jacket 3 years ago, and this cardigan last month. This florent jeans is secondhand from trampoin. I got it a long time ago. This belt with mirror ball is from kate spade online outlet last year. Then I chose chic bag and shoes. If I wear all high, I will lose elegance and humor.


H&M jacket and cardigan, florent pants, Sergio Rossi heels and kate spade new york belt,and Gallery1950 sunglasses


  1. Omg I love this look so much! <3
    Looks so classy :)


    1. Hi!めい!
      Thank you for your lovely comment!
      I will visit your blog soon!



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