Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Gingko is off season, but I post these photos because I would like to see you these boots! I got them on last November. I have worn them twice or third a week. Good patent leather is very warm and protects my feet from rainy or snowing. I wore Ginza Kanematsu rain boots before I got them. Kanematsu boots were so comfortable, but the silhouette isn't better than SAINT LAURENT. I wore out them in 2013. So I had looked for new one for a year in 2014. SAINT LURENT is very expensive, but I think that the price is the beautiful value.The beginning I wore them, they were a bit too tight. But they fit well right away! Sometimes I put FEET WORMER in the tip of a toe.

銀杏が季節外れな感じですが、このブーツのお話をしたくてアップしました。去年の11月に購入してから2カ月以上立ちますが週に2〜3回の頻度で履いています。いい革のパテントは保温性も抜群で、雨の日も雪の日も足が濡れなくて暖かいです。このブーツの前はGinza Kanematsuの同じような黒のブーツをレインブーツにしていましたが、底が剥がれるまで履きつぶしました。全体にゆったりしたシルエットで履きやすく歩きやすかったのですが、撮影したときのシルエットはエディ・スリマンのの方が本当にすばらしいです。お値段は数倍しますが、それは究極の美しさの価値です。はじめは少しきついかな、と思いましたが、履けば履くほど足になじんできました。つま先がとがっているので、サンローランファンには怒られそうですが、そこに足用カイロを入れる事もあります。

H.P. FRANCE sunglasses, VIVA YOU fur, second hand coat with a VERSACE button, kate spade gloves, and SAINT LAURENT boots


  1. The boots are so shiny and beautiful! I love how you have paired the outfit together! Btw, Japan look so beautiful!

    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment!
      I love this boots which are shining too.
      The change of the four seasons in Japan is very fantastic.
      If there is an opportunity, come to Japan♡