Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hotel Okura Tokyo

Photo by CBA

Akira Naka knit, Isabel Marant skirt, kate spade bag, Kenneth Jay Lane cuff, and Christian Louboutin heels

I stayed at Hotel Okura Tokyo about 10 years ago. I didn't notice the beautiful architecture at that time. I went there with CBA day before yesterday, and I was excited. Everything were very great!!! I got the knit at trampoin 10. The designer is Akira Naka who makes very good clothes. I was so happy because the knit looked more chic in the hotel. But unfortunately Hotel Okura Tokyo will be closed and rebuild soon. We can see it until 31th August.
ホテルオークラ東京には10年くらい前に泊まった事がありますが、その時はこのホテルの素晴らしさに全く気づきませんでした。その事については明日(24日)発売のSANKE EXの連載コラムで書かせていただきましたので、駅売店で読んでみてくださいね。一昨日、CBAさんとホテルオークラ東京に行きました。こんなに素晴らしいところだったなんて、見逃していたところがいっぱいありました。先日、trampoin 10でお買い物したAkira Nakaのニットを初めて着てお出かけしたら、オークラの雰囲気とぴったりで嬉しくなりました。でも、今月いっぱいで閉館しオリンピックにむけて改築されるそうです。その事がどんなに悲しいことかを発売中のCasa Brutus特別編集号で知り、この目で見てきました。本当にすごかったです。

This video is Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Tomas Maier and other leading personalities in paying tribute to the Hotel Okura Tokyo, a unique Modernist Architecture collaboration, in peril due to a reconstruction project.


  1. I absolutely love architectural design! The hotel gives off a nice classic elegance with a touch of modern style. I wonder what it will look like once reconstructed?
    And the knit top is beautiful! It goes perfectly with the chic feel of the hotel.

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

  2. Lovely photos! The hotel looks amazing :) xx

  3. nice hotel, beautiful look! :)

  4. Is this hotel in Hibiya? ニットが秋っぽくていいですね!!

    1. まりこさん、ご質問ありがとうございます♥︎
      It is near Hibiya, so we go the hotel from Toranomon station !


  5. I love the design of this hotel! So cool and classy! I wish I can visit the place. By the way, I love your sweater❤️❤️❤️

  6. Thank you very much for your lovely comments♡


  7. WOw the decoration of the hotel is super stylish!