Saturday, January 16, 2016

mame clutch with kimono

araks bra, Tsubakimono kimono, second hand Obi by Heiro Kitagawa, Komatsuya zori, mame clutch, D&G sunglasses,YSL lip VOLUPTÉ CANDY no.6, and DVF keychain

I went to HAPPO-EN for the erizen KIMONO exhibition in last week. The garden is very beautiful. My kimono's pattern of traditional Japanese wisteria and woven pattern of chrysanthemum. This obi is the same one that I wore on January 1. This clutch bag is meme from trampoin10. I went to same event wearing the same obi with Chloe bag 2 years ago. We can the outfit on here! I thought 2 years ago outfit was perfect, but this time was a little good for the event. Because erizen and HAPPO-EN are very traditional. My kimono is a little too wonderful. Simple is the best for Japanese traditional. But wedding ceremony is not simple...It is difficult to explain how to choose kimono. By the way, I saw a so beautiful woman wearing a chic kimono with a white kelly bag. Her feeling was like Dior J'adore Charlize Theron.

ゑり善さんの展示会に行ってきました。会場は目黒の八芳園。お庭がとてもきれいです。 藤と菊の古典柄を大胆にデザインした着物と、お正月に締めた喜多川平朗さんの帯に鶴のモチーフのmameのクラッチバッグを合わせて出かけました。 trampoin10で去年お買い物しました。二年前の同じ展示会では、色無地の着物に同じ帯、クロエのバッグでした。こちらでご覧いただけます。ゑり善さんは創業天正12年の老舗の呉服店、八芳園は結婚式場でもある会場ですので、いい色無地にちょっといい帯が安全圏ですが、この日はお庭で撮影をしたかったので少し華やかにしました。 この日、シャンパンゴールドのような光沢のある色無地の紬に同系色の帯、真白なケリーバッグの女性がいらして、Diorの香水「「ジャドール」のシャーリーズ・セロンのような雰囲気の着物バージョンのようでした。


  1. The color combination is just perfect! That's such a beautiful shade of green.<3

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  2. The clutch and the food (lol) are amazing!

  3. The garden looks beautiful but you look simple amazing! What a gogeous kimono

  4. Beautiful photos! You look amazing! :) xx

  5. Stunning elegance! your outfit and that lovely calming garden! What a masterpiece.

  6. Thank you for your comments, and I am very happy♡