Thursday, March 17, 2016

rag & bone Spring 2016 on SHOPBOP

Rag&Bone Spring 2016 new items was released on LOOK BOOK from SHOPBOP! I have never had Rag&Bone clothes, shoes, and others. Whenever I see cool someone wearing the new Rag&Bone item, it makes me want to buy one! The long dress in the first picture suits to 40s women very much. The silver jumper in the second picture is very great with minimal shirt and pants. It seems that Olivia Paleermo like the spring knit in the third picture. We may enjoy to wear it with various color's bottoms. By the way, I drew boys and men who are good with Rag&Bone girls and women!

Spring 2016、Rag&Boneの新しいアイテムがSHOPBOPでリリースされました!LOOK BOOKはこちらです。Rag&Boneは、まだ一つも持っていませんが、お友達がかっこよく身につけていると欲しくなります。上段のボディコンのロングワンピースは40代に似合うと思うし、下段のシルバーのトレンドのジャンパーも洗練されたデザインで、シンプルなシャツとパンツの時に合わせたいです。同じく下段のオリビア・パレルモが好きそうなスプリングニットは、いろんな色のボトムと合わせて楽しめそうです。本日のイラストは、Rag&Boneを着た女性と相性のいい男性を描いてみました。


  1. I'm the same as you! I've never owned any Rag & Bone items but I always want to buy their stuff when I see it look cool on others! Those sneakers in the third picture look awesome <3


  2. I love your illustrations, Akiko. Steve McQueen rules!

  3. Thank you for your lovely messages!
    I told my son about you, and he was so glad!!!