Friday, April 08, 2016

Akira Naka Shining Pleats Skirt

photo by Umechiyo :UNIQLO cardigan, AKIRA NAKA skirt, converse sneakers, DVF sunglasses, ZARA earrings, H&H necklace, and kate spade clutch

These are photos taken by Umechiyo. She belongs to the same generation as me and also likes fashion, so we had a good time! I got the pleats skirt by AKIRA NAKA spring 2016 at trampoin10 trampoin10 in January. I often go seasonal shopping to the shop and purchase a huge amount at once. On the day before yesterday, Miss Miyauchi, the shop buyer, selected some Summer items for me ! この日は梅千代さんに撮っていただきました。
梅千代さんは同世代でお洋服もお好きなので、お話が盛り上がって楽しかったです。 AKIRA NAKA spring 2016の光るプリーツスカートは1月にtrampoin10でお買い物しました。シーズンごとにまとめ買いする事が多く、一昨日は夏に向けてバイヤーの宮内さんに選んでいただきました♡

photo by Mr. Umeno: HYKE trench, RED CARD pants, and kate spade heels

Miss Miyauchi and I in front of the shop. I tried many dresses or pants, then I finally 9 items. I sold some dresses that I don't wear at the secondhand corner of the shop. Circulation of my closet is still good for my fashionholic condition. In my book "Fashionholic Do (spirit or Tao)", I wrote how to part with our unnecessary clothes. We may notice the change in taste sometimes by reviewing pictures on Pinterest. This is the way I recently discovered! I imagine same age actress wearing the clothe I chose, and I hear "Don't wear it!" in my head. At that time, I can let it go. All clothes Miss Miyauch's wearing are so perfect! We can check them out at trampoin10 on Instagram!
こちらがその時の様子。たくさん試着させてもらって、9アイテムまで絞り込みました。この日は、もう着ないだろうなと思うワンピースをお買い取りしてもらったので、クローゼットは上手に循環したと思います。ファッションホリックは、常に循環を心がけることが長く楽しめる秘訣。ファッションホリック道にも書かせていただきましたが、Pinterestで集めた画像を時々客観的に見直すと、自分の好みの傾向がどんな風に変化しているか分かります。最近試して効果のある方法は、同じ年代の女優さんのお顔を想像して合わせてみると、「もう着ない方がいいよ」と気づかせてくれます。 宮内さんのお召しになっているお洋服の詳細はこちらです。宮内さんのお帽子の合わせ方、ビッグシャツの着こなし、ROBERTO DEL CARLOの白い靴、パーフェクトですよね!


  1. Oh my! I'm absolutely smitten with that skirt! :D<33
    The shop looks wonderful and I think it's very important to know how to part ways with our old clothes.
    P.S: Cute puppy!!


  2. omg that pleated skirt is super duper cute! Her shop must be lovely too :)

  3. Oh, Akiko, the skirt is gorgeous! The whole look really.

  4. I absolutely love this coordinate, especially how you used the converse to make the outfit more casual!
    Great look <3


  5. You look very fine in these outfits! So cool!

  6. Thank you for your comments!
    Have a gorgeous week!!!