Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I worked for this month's issue of GLOW fashion magazine. The free gift that comes with the magazine is Yoji Yamamoto × Hello Kitty bag! I drew illustrations for the article giving advice on love with special circumstances and for the advertisement of Domohorn Wrinkle, and I appeared as a model for the advertisement of OTTAVA. Today's post is OTTAVA advertisement. I wore my clothes that I had considered before a week. I seem a hospitable woman, aren't I? To tell the truth, I am not. The other day, I served very strong tea for him when FARFETCH SEO executive came to my home office. A hair make-up artist, Akihiro Motooka made me beautiful, and a photographer, Atsushi Yagi shouted me good. So I would love to be the woman whom they made by me. OTTAVA gave me music with so much presence that I had the illusion that I was listening to an orchestra in the concert hall. I adore it.


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