Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Isabel Marant Étoile terra cotta mohair knit

Recently, I prefer mohair to cashmere. Jhon Lydon looked good on some mohair knits from SEX or SEDITIONARIES when he was young. I would love mohair knits for punks, but I write about an elegant mohair knit. I got a white one from Isabel Marant Étoile a few years ago. It is very comfortable, and it has remained the same size in the wash.I think it is the ideal knit! After that, I didn't see any others like it because items of this brand might heve been sold in Japan. But I finally found this terra cotta mohair knit! It is so perfect, too!

最近は、カシミヤよりもモヘアのほうが好きですね。若い時のジョン・ライドンは、SEXかSEDITIONARIESのモヘアがとてもよくお似合いです。パンクモヘアもいいのがあったら欲しいアイテムの一つですが、今日は上品なモヘアのお話です。 数年前、Isabel Marant Étoileの白いモヘアに出合ってから、その心地よさと家で手洗いしても縮まない魅力にとりつかれました。その後、日本ではあまり見かけなくてご縁がなかったのですが、この夏、渋谷のTOMORROWLANDでこのテラコッタ色のニットに一目惚れ。軽くて気持ちよくて最高です。

Isabel Marant Étoile terra cotta mohair knit, DVF pants, Vivienne Westwood heels, GUCCI sunglasses, barbara rihl scarf, kate spade bag


  1. Beautiful photos and what a pretty outfit! I love how you coordinate your wardrobe! :)

  2. Really lovely outfit! Your jumper looks so warm! :) xx

  3. Stunning outfit!
    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  4. You look gorgeous in this outfit - love the combo of the trousers and this mohair sweater :-)

  5. Fantastic combo my dear, I love your bag <3

  6. Wonderful colour combo!