Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Metallic Pleated Skirt From Akira Naka

Last week, I gave my sister some of my clothes that I hadn't worn yet. It spent half a day sorting them out. However I could notice my current style clearly. My metalllic skirt doesn't go with some of my tops in my wardrobe. Althoug I was thinking of giving her it, I changed my mind. Jenny Walton’s snaps on Pinterest impressed me a great deal. She wore a beautiful metallic skirt like mine in various combinations. I'll have a lot of fun combining mine with other items.

先週、もう着ないかもしれない服を妹に送りました。選ぶのに半日くらいかかりましたが、自分のスタイルを見直す良い機会になりました。このメタリックのスカートはコーディネイトが難しかったので、これも妹にあげようかなと考えていたものです。でも、Jenny Waltonのスタイリングを眺めていたらアイデアが浮かんできましたので、あげるのはやめました。

Akira Naka skirt, Vivienne Wesatwood shirt, GUCCI sunglasses, SAINT LAURENT shoes


  1. Beautiful skirt, and you always look so great in your photos! :)

  2. Love the styling of this skirt <3

  3. My mother gavev me similar skirt, but not metallic, leopard - for the same reason. But you look awesome in your, so hold this skirt :D

  4. Oh man, I need such a skirt in my life!