Sunday, November 13, 2016

Airport Style With Emmeti Mouton Coat

Suddenly it is very cold in Tokyo. I went to BUSAN in September with this mouton coat because I needed my snap shots for my serial page “Beauty Press” of December issue in Japanese fashion magazine, Glow. In summer a mouton coat is not hot but comfortable, and in winter it is the best warm!!! And I also love the styling with kate spade watch and MISFIT Ray!! I walk more than usual, so I enjoy to cheek my active mass.

東京は突然寒くなってきました。9月に釜山に行った時、今発売中のGLOW12月号“Beauty Press”の撮影があったので、このムートンコートを空港で着ました。夏でもムートンは暑くなく気持ちがよくて、冬は最高にあたたかいです。それから、ケイト・スペードの時計MISFIT Rayの重ね付けも最近のお気に入り。旅先ではいつもよりたくさん歩くから、活動量チェックが楽しみになります。

Narita>>>Busan: EMMETI coat, J&M DAVIDSON top, TOPSOP pants, kate spade new york bag and sunglasses, converse sneakers
Busan>>>Narita: EMMETI coat, kate spade new york bags, watch, pants and sunglasses, MISFIT Ray, PELLICO shoes


  1. Beautiful photos, and lovely coat. It looks warm and comfortable. :)

  2. You look gorgeous in this coat my dear:-) I love your shoes :-)

  3. Simply perfect and classy, as always!


  4. Hello sweeties!
    Thank you very much for lovely comments!!!
    I will visit your blog soon!