Saturday, December 03, 2016

Asceno Pajamas With My Family

Today's post is my family photos. My son is nineteen years old and our dog, Goro is eleven years old. My son and I don't live together. He lives in a apartment near my house. It takes about fifteen minutes by taxi. Sometimes he stays here when he meets his junior high school friends. He often breaks his promise because he gives priority to his girlfriend. I get upset, but I am calm down soon. I am glad that my son has grown into a Prince Charming. by the way, I got these Asceno pajamas from The lingerie and her film. During the festive season, plan on sleeping a lot, look forward to wearing my pajamas, it is a good way to avoid catching a cold maybe. Last week, I caught a cold, but it hasn't got worse, I feel better now thanks to my Palamas!

19歳の息子と11歳のゴローとの家族写真です。息子と私は一緒に住んでいなくて、彼は今、家からタクシーで15分くらいのところのアパートに住んでいます。時々、中学生の時の友達と遊んだ日に泊まりにきます。この日は無印のスウェットを貸してあげました。私が着ているAscenoのシルクパジャマも貸してあげることもあります。母親よりも、彼女を優先する人に育ってくれて本当に嬉しいです。AscenoのパジャマはThe lingerie and her filmでお買い物しました。年末年始ははお出かけが多くなるので、睡眠時間をしっかり確保してお気に入りのパジャマでいい夢を見るようにすると、風邪もひきにくくなるような気がします。先週から風邪ぎみでしたが、悪化しないで治ってきました。


  1. Beautiful family photos, dear friend. :) And I love your outfit, too. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoy your posts.

  2. Gorgeous family photos, indeed! So cosy and your son is amazing... you both look superb in these pajamas :-)

  3. Look at you two, stylishly hanging out in the kitchen. :-) Just fab!


  4. Even in a pajama you look stylish, Akiko.

  5. I had no idea that you have that big son :-) Great photos,I love your pajamas :-)

  6. This is not a naked picture of your son Madam. Its just topless :-)
    great posting