Friday, January 13, 2017

Minimalist Home Ideas

Velvet has been a trend since last year. I don’t know whether the trend will continues in 2017. I love the color of this skirt very much, so I wear it many times. I think it will go well in Spring. An ankle length skirt or dress looks like dress-up style. So if I wear all other casual items with it, it is suitable for a little elegant lunch. And when I go to my friend’s home, the length hides slippers. so I can keep my outfit’s balance. In Japan, we take off our shoes and wear slippers in a house. One day, I had a lunch at the home of a friend when I was 20. She is a great minimalist and her home is always clean! She inspires me to clean. She taught me how to clean a toilet. She does’t use detergent,she just brushes once a day. I tried the same way and continued for a month. It is amazing that my toilet stays clean without detergent! I will renovate of my house this year. When I was busy with childcare, I often outsourced. But their works weren’t perfect. Now I have a time to renovate alone, so I will try. I’m not better than a professional person, but I will try my best. You can see my painting of a wall on my blog if it is painted well!


VIVA YOU jacket, Uniqlo knit, Cpshades skirt, Saint laurent bag, converse sneakers

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  1. Modern interiors and furniture is easier to keep clean :-) Graet out fit my dear, I love your skirt :-)

  2. You look beautiful, Akiko! Everything looks nice, too! :)

  3. 久しぶりのお友達に会えるとテンション上がりますよね!素敵なお家♪近々昭子さんに会いたいです♪今年も宜しくお願いします❤️

  4. Haha, that little pig is so cute!


  5. It all looks lovely, but I especially like your skirt. A great color.