Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Morning Coffee

I love coffee, but I can’t more than three cups a day. If I do it, I feel bad. I always grind my own coffee beans at home. My favorite beans are Shinanoya Original Blend. My favorite grinder is made by Melitta. I stayed my son’s house one time. He didn't have any coffee only Coke! So early in the morning I went to a convenient store early to get some coffee. I think convenient store coffee got better recently. By the way, I posted an article that a big jacket upgrade a lazy outfit on here. This white coat, Cédric Charlier, has the same effect! When my overall balance is heavy, I shift my outfit’s weight up top. Then I an able to keep balance. This time, I wore Cartier sunglasses. The elegant red sunglasses drew people's eyes upward.


Cédric Charlier coat, Muji top and pants, Crown shoes, Cartier sunglasses

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  1. I can only have two cups of coffee on any day! I prefer tea, but I do like coffee once in a while! Your photos are lovely, and you look great! :)

  2. I can have only one small cup of coffe, I'm a tea drinker :-)You look wonderful in this outfit, I love your coat :-)

  3. I'd love to try this coffee!! I always start my day with a cup :) I love this white coat on you <3

  4. I'm more of a tea person, I barely drink coffee, but I like your outfit :)

  5. It is wonderful pleasure to read your lovely comments!


  6. Coffee is very nice in the morning. I can live without it but it's way better with

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