Monday, February 06, 2017

Numero Tokyo March Issue 'Happy Holic'

from left to right: Cow beauty Soap, Neal's yard Eye Cream, Domohorn Wrinkle Cream20, Dermalogica skin resurfacing cleanser

The theme of the new issue of Numero Tokyo March is ‘Happy Holic’.  Frida Aasen appears on the cover photo taken the photo by Ellen Von Unwerth. The magazine has lots of happy inspirations, and I enjoyed all the pages!  It is interesting that scientist talk about happiness, too. I worked with Numero on the page featuring beauty.  Numero suggests how to care for yourself without cosmetic surgery’.  I could draw many illustrations of face and head massages.  They are the best illustrations that I’ve ever drawn. The last photo is the beauty products that I use lately. I’m really curious about the nose oil from ’Three’ because of my nose’s distortion. The smell seems like an uplifting aroma.  So if I get the oil, I'll be able to keep to massage for a long time.  In the morning I walked for my daily exercise, and I founded beautiful narcissuses on my way.   My face moved closer to them, it smelled like spring!  I could absord today’s energy.

今月のNumero TOKYO のテーマは「ハッピーホリック」。カバーはエレン・フォン・アンワースが撮影したフリーダ・オーセン。幸せになるヒントがぎっしり詰まって、どのページも楽しいし、幸せと科学のお話も分かりやすくて、ベッキーが妹のジェシカと登場。二人とも、本当にかっこよくて見とれてしまいました。私は、ビューティ企画でイラストを担当しています。「整形入らずのパーツケア」というテーマなんですが、最新の顔マッサージテクを上手に描くことができました。最後の写真は最近の顔のお手入れグッズです。 使っているTHREEの鼻オイルはとても気になります!私の鼻はかなり歪んでいて、コンプレックスの一つなので。香りの成分も好みなので続けられそうです。今朝は、ウォーキングの途中で水仙の花が咲いていて、顔を近づけたら春の香りがして今日一日の幸せを充電できました。


  1. Beautiful illustrations and colours!

  2. Such an awesome and beautiful illustriations! The beauty items look also impressive :-)

  3. Your illustrations are lovely! :) xx

  4. Wow, congratulations, that is fantastic!


  5. I need to try the massage techniques in your illustrations! my neck and shoulders are so sore (cries)

  6. Illustrations are really amazing, well done dear :-)

  7. I like all your illustrations, Akiko, but these ones really are especially nice.

  8. Great post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments!!
    I will visit your blog soon!


  10. Great illustrations! I love them so much! way too cute!

    Inside and Outside Blog

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