Monday, March 20, 2017

The Way To The Conran Shop In Shinjuku

The Akira Naka knit dress is so warm and I feel like somebody is hugging me! Sometimes it is cold in March in Tokyo, so I need it. When I go to somewhere near my home, I have a Saint Laurent card case, a hanky, earphones, iPhone, and a mask in this Building Block bag. I walk to near station and get off the train at Shinjuku. Then I get on the free shuttle bus of the Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo. I enjoy the sightseeing some beautiful architecture out of the window. I get to the Park Tower that has the Park Hyatt Hotel and lots of great shops. My favorite shop is Conran Shop. I look at the table settings, bathroom objects or stationery goods and they inspire me. I usually purchase Diptyque Room Fragrance. I had bread of the hotel for breakfast before, but I am careful because I am likely to become diabetic. Hotel bread has lots of sugar! And I don't have it at the restaurant because I start to want to stay here for a long time. I would love to post the photos of the wonderful course someday! Hikarie, the departmentstore in Shibuya is near my home, too. There is also the Conran Shop there, but I get very tired by the speedy and chaotic environment in Shibuya until I get there. When I was young, I was excited by them though. I'd rather have a relaxing time at the shop in Shinjuku. I think that great downtime time makes for great concentration for work and study.

Akira Nakaのニットワンピースは、寒がりな私のボディをしっかり温めてくれるので、まだまだ肌寒い日には手放せないです。一人で近所にお出かけする時は、ビルディング・ブロックのレザー巾着の中に、サン・ローランのカードケース、ハンカチ、鍵、iPhone、イヤホン、マスクだけ。行きは、世田谷代田の駅から電車で新宿まで行き、西口のホテル専用バスOZONE号に乗ってコンランショップヘ行きます。都庁などおもしろい建築の中を通過するので、ちょっと観光っぽくって楽しいんですよ。帰りは、パークハイアットのホテルのタクシー乗り場からタクシーで帰る事が多いです。コンラン・ショップでは、テーブルコーディネイトやバスグッズ、デスク周りのアイデアなど美しいものを吸収してから定番のルーム・スプレーをお買い物して家に戻ります。以前は、パークハイアットのパンも朝食用に買っていましたが糖尿病予備軍の一歩手前なので、お砂糖いっぱいのパンは我慢。レストランでの食事もお尻に根っこが生えてしまうので、さっさと帰る方がいいです。いつか、この素敵なコースを撮影して記事にしますね。渋谷のヒカリエにもコンランショップはありますが、到着するまでに刺激が多すぎて疲れるので(若い時は元気が出ました)、新宿の駅から離れたパークタワーの方がのんびりできます。まだ研究途中ですが、のんびりした時間の質が高くなると、比例して仕事や勉強の集中力がアップします。

Akira Naka knit dress, Building Block bag, Pellico heels, Gucci sunglasses, kate spade earrings

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  1. You look so stylish and perfect, Akiko! The dress is lovely and you styled it with great accessories ...
    Have a nice week!

  2. Lovely outfit :)

  3. Wonderful outfit, dear friend. You look beautiful! :)

  4. What a wonderful outfit! You look SO stylish akiko :-) and your earrings are just absolutely amazing - so so beautiful! I love the Conran shop too - all of it is so clean and PRETTY.
    Esme x

  5. I'm glad that it's warm in Tokyo now! What's the weather like next month? Also, you bag is very unique! I love it Akiko san :)

  6. Beautiful photos! You look lovely! :) xx

  7. Nice, comfortable outfit, lovely colours:)

  8. That dress does look very comfy and warm!

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  9. You look so cool and feminine in this styling!!!Wonderful dress :-)