Friday, April 14, 2017

From' Infernal affairs' To 'The First Monday In May'

Time flew this week! I had drawn about 200 illustrations for a Cosmetic Surgery doctor's book since last week. During my hard work, I occasionally went shopping for a change. Recently I purchased a belt from Saint Lauren that I craved for a long time. I also got a hat from Kate Spade. During the latest Shopbop sale I got earrings from Oscar De La Renta. I often purchase accessories that are not trendy after I get trendy clothes. I would love to use my accessories long time. I found this pink stole at a Kate Spade's shop. Whenever I wear it, I'm happy. Today's outfit, a leather jacket on a dress, is one of my favorite stye. This mouton coat is i dry-cleaning. By the way, I watched Hong Kong noir movies for the first time in twenty years. I chose 'Infernal Affairs' trilogy. I watched all of them in two nights. It isn't a fashion movie, but many cool actors performed wearing clothes from around 2000. Althought I didn't know those brands, those masculine style inspired me. Tomorrow 'The First Monday in May' premieres in Tokyo! I bet many gorgeous dresses fascinate me. And I would love to know what Wong Kar-wai talked in the film.

もう金曜日!先週末から美容外科のお医者さんの本のイラストを200カット近く描き下ろました。このようなハードなお仕事の最中は、時々息抜きにお買い物。前から欲しかったサン・ローランのベルトと、ケイト・スペードの帽子それから、SHOPBOPのセールでオスカー・デ・ラ・レンタのイヤリングを買ったりしました。シーズンの頭にパンツやワンピースなどを揃えて、後から小物を追加していくことが多いです。小物はあまりトレンドは追わず、長く使えそうな物を少しずつ集める感じ。今日の写真のピンクのストールも、ずっと前にケイトで見つけたものですが、身につけるたびに幸せな気持ちになります。春夏のワンピースにライダースを合わせるスタイルも、ずっと好き。このムートンコートは、今クリーニング中。 話は変わりますが、20年ぶりに香港ノワールを観ました。3部作の『インファナル・アフェア』二晩で全部一気に観てしまいました。ファッション映画ではないですが、2002年公開の映画なので、90年代終わりの雰囲気も残っていて、いい男が溢れるほどいっぱい登場。マスキュリンなスタイルの参考になります。明日からは『メットガラ ドレスをまとった美術館』が公開です。こちらは、ゴージャスなドレスを倒れそうなほど堪能できそう。ウォン・カーウァイも登場するみたいなので、ますます気になります。

Sisii jacket, Dvf dress, kate spade new york sunglasses, shoes and scarf, Saint Laurent bag, EMMETI coat


  1. Beautiful photos, dear friend. I love your skirt and white jacket, and the scarf is bright and pretty. You look lovely, as always. :)

  2. This is a gorgeous outfit, Akiko, and you look lovely. The pink stole is a winner.

  3. You look lovely! I love this skirt on you! :) xx

  4. Aww you look very happy and beautiful :) I am going to Japan in June, see you!

  5. I love purchasing accessories and staple items that will last over time. Wow, 200 illustrations sounds like a lot of work! I'm not a fan of horror movies but I'm glad you enjoyed! I love your outfit! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  6. Bright pink always my our heart brighter ;)
    I'm into vintage and secondhand fashion since high school (that's why I love Shimokitazawa) and also always looking for classic, everlasting style so I have no problem for shopping on discounted stuff hihi


  7. I appreciate your lovely comments!
    Have a great day!