Friday, April 28, 2017

Statement Earrings at Sekiguchi Catholic Church

Comme Des Garcons dress, Saint Laurent belt and sunglasses, Sergio rossi heels,Kate Spade New York bag, Oscar De La Renta earrings

I wore these Oscar De La Renta earrings that I got at the last Shopbop sale. And I went to St.Mary' Cathedral in Tokyo. The architecture was designed by Kenzo Tange. I have a lot of fun looking at architecture, but I don't know the names of many architects. Architects who I know are only Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando. One day, my Englih teacher told me that St.Mary' Cathedral in Tokyo is so great! I was surprised by the photos so I decided to go there. I chose a dress from Tricot Comme Des Garcons that looks so constructive like architecture. My friend gave it to me in the 80's. This years trend is more 'constructive' than last year. During shooting, suddenly I heard Ave Maria out of nowhere. After work, we entered the cathedral and found out the music was from there. According to the pamphlet, the pipe organ is the biggest in Japan. The outside design is so cool like armor in the Medieval Age, but the inside was so heart warming and calm. I decided that the cathedral is one of my favorite places. By the way, my suggestion for today's blog is humorous statement earrings with constructive clothes. These clothes are off the shoulder. So I think they go together with big swinging earrings. I selected great earrings from Shopbop!

先日のSHOPBOPのセールでお買い物したオスカー・デ・ラ・レンタのイヤリングをつけてお出かけしてきました。行き先はカトリック東京カテドラル関口教会。有名な丹下健三建築です。私は建築が好きなわりには詳しくなくて、コルビュジエと安藤忠雄で知識が止まっていました。そんなある日のこと、英会話の先生に丹下健三建築の、この教会を教えてもらいました。こんなに素敵な建築が都内にあることに驚き、さっそく訪れてみることに。お洋服は、建築っぽいトリコ・コムデ・ギャルソン。80年代終わり頃、友人にもらいました。ファッショントレンドも、去年に比べて今年はますます構築的です。 撮影中に耳を澄ますと、どこからかアヴェ・マリアが風にのってかすかに聞こえてきました。撮影後、教会の中に入ると先程聞こえたアヴェ・マリアは日本一大きなパイプオルガンからだったと分かりました。外観の中世の騎士の甲冑のようなクールな印象に対して、中は穏やかであたたかな波動に包まれた夢のような空間。お気に入りの場所がまた一つ増えて嬉しいです。 さて今日のブログは、トレンドの構築的ファッションに、ユーモアのあるイヤリングの提案。オフショルダーのデザインが多いので、大きめの揺れるタイプが相性がいいです。SHOPBOPで素敵なイヤリングを探してみましたので、よかったらみてくださいね!

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  1. Beautiful photos, lovely illustration and you look great! Classy outfit!

  2. Very beautiful earrings! You always look sooooo lovely and elegant! Interesting place ... I love architecture too and it's in my plans to learn more about it in the future ...

  3. Absolutely chic in your LBD!
    Lovely earrings!
    Kisses Paola.

  4. You look beautiful in this outfit and the cathedral is very gorgeous!My eye was also caught by those earrings in the leaf shape :)

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  6. You look absolutely elegant and modern, dear. Just like that gorgeous Cathedral: both classic but with a modern twist. I love the earrings, by the way!!

  7. A gorgeous look. And the earrings are a perfect finishing touch.

  8. Look at those earrings! Simply fantastic.

    Have a great day,
    Almost Stylish

  9. You look amazing! I love your outfit! :) xx

  10. I appreciate your lovely comments♡
    This place is really beautiful!