Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Calligraphy For Yoshirei Official Website

My friend, Yoshirei made her new official website! I was offered its title Calligraphy. I drew her name many times. She probably loves Laduree, then I imagined Blair of Gossip girl. I thought maybe Yoshirei looks so much better with a crown than a tiara. So I drew a crown on her name. I got her email that she loved it and I appreciated her message! I don't have a television, don't read newspapers, and don't listen to the radio, but I learn about upcoming talents from her articles. I posted about her newest book on my blog. You can see it on here. She is a writer, and she has interviewed more than 3,000 persons! Her communication skill is so great!! I wish her book was translated to English, then many people will read and enjoy her book around the world!

お友達の芳麗さんの公式サイトが新しくなり、私はタイトルロゴと芳麗さんのプロフィールイラストを描かせていただきました。芳麗さんは、きっとラデュレが好きだと思って王冠もつけました。ラデュレといえばゴシップ・ガールのブレア、ブレアといえばティアラなので。でも、芳麗さんには王冠の方が似合いそうな気がしてクラウンにしました。私はテレビを見ないし、新聞も読まないし、ラジオも聞かなくなったので、芳麗さんのサイトで有名人のことを学ぶ事ができます。 最後から二番目の写真の中の本、『3000人にインタビューして気づいた!相手も自分も気持ちよく話せる秘訣』は、以前このブログでも紹介させていただきました!こちらです。この本が英語に翻訳されたら、世界中で素敵なコミュニケーションが広がりそうです♡

Kate Spade hat, United Arrows Green Label Relaxing pants, Building Block bag, Gianvito Rossi sandals, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Oscar De La Renta earrings


  1. Great calligraphy, and you look beautiful! :)

  2. This looks very cool and I love that first picture!

    Have a great week,
    Almost Stylish

  3. Stunning look!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. This is another successful job! Congrats Akiko san! Will I see you in Tokyo next month?!

  5. Awesome artwork, however :-)
    And I adore these shoes! Here in Warsaw is also warm :D

  6. Great work. And I love your hat. I've been looking for the perfect summer hat forever.

  7. I love your outfit! You look lovely! :) xx

  8. You look stunning in this outfit my dear, I love your wedges :-)

  9. You look gorgeous! Love your pants! <3
    Have a nice day!

  10. You always look beautiful and stylish! Those wedges are super pretty!

    I hope I will be able to read the book one day...