Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Special Pants From The Dallas

The other day, when I had an umbrella, but I still got sweat. This pants from The Dallas soon dried! It is so warm, so that material is probably heat-teck. I was so moved the pants and I added them to my favorite items for rainy day. If you have my book, 90 pages in "Fashion Holic Way", you can see them. By the way, I would like to explain to you about those specific pants. They makes the most beautiful shape in my other pants. Three zips on side waist and bottoms shut, then unnecessary meats of my body are lifted up. My hips and calves become beautiful! They are stretching like my muscle, so I can move when I am naked. If I am so busy, the pants are very great!! They are special for me! This trendy are constructive, long, wide, and fluttered. I like and have them, but sometimes they try to stand in my way. So I wear them when I relax and feel luxury. After my slow life, there are many chores...But whenever I wear them, I can move like Ninja (an underlying sense of secret or hidden person)! What kind of special pants do you have?

先日、突然の豪雨で傘をさしていてもびしょ濡れになってしまったのですが、このダラスのパンツすぐ乾きました。しかも温かいのでヒートテック素材なのかもしれません。早速、雨の日のお気に入りコーディネイトに加えました。『ファッションホリック道』の90ページに雨の日のお気に入りをまとめてあります。 さて、このパンツについてですが、他のどのパンツよりも体のラインをきれいに見せてくれます。腰と裾のジッパーを上げると、余分な肉を上に持ち上げ美しい形に仕上げてくれます。ふくらはぎの位置も数センチ上がるのでフラットシューズでも全体のバランスを取りやすくなります。裸のときのように軽やかに動ける秘密は、まるで体の筋肉と一体化したように伸縮する ストレッチ素材のおかげ。最近のトレンドは、ひらひらでこぼこ、ワイドでロング、それはそれで美しい形ですが、急いでいる時には足を引っ張られます。なるべく優雅な日に着るようにしています。のんびり優雅な日が続くと、ある日突然、雑用が山積みになっていることに気づき呆然とすることも。そんな時、このパンツを履くと忍者のように動けるのです。みなさまも何か特別なパンツをお持ちでしたら是非、教えてくださいね。

Cedric Charlier top, The Dallas pants, !0 Crosby Derek Lam, Dvf sunglasses, Kate Spade New York bag and watch


  1. So elegant and sexy pants! And also gorgeous sights :-)

  2. You look gorgeous, Akiko! And your photos are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing, dear friend. :)

  3. A story of travelling pants. Beautiful.

  4. Those pants are so flattering on you! It's so hard to find a good trouser that really accentuates your good features, but seems like you found the one!

  5. What a special definition of a person! I love how you used the word Ninja. Of course I wouldn't have used, ( too far away from my culture ) but it perfectly describes a hidden person.
    I don't usually wear trousers in summer since temperatures are too high here for feeling comfortable ... I would like wearing them with a short dress!!
    You look pretty!

  6. I appreciate your warm comments!
    Have a lovely weekend!!



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