Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tokyo Skytree And 77th Pony Ring

We can see Tokyo Skytree opposite this bridge. The bridge's name is 'Kuramae(a stable) bashi(a bridge)'. I didn't choose this pony ring because of the name of the bridge, it was a coincidence! I would like to dress down those Dvf clothes, and I looked for some accessories in my box. Then I caught the pony's gaze, so I wore this lovely ring. Maho san of Dresstrip gave it to me, and she has the same one. By the way, I used to go there for lessons for Japanese traditional dance. My teacher was mean to me. When I remember it, I get so uncomfortable. But I try to forget about the teacher and I concentrate on the practicing by myself. I will look for a new teacher after my next performance. I will perform the dance for the Hachiman shrine festival on September 2nd.

スカイツリーが見える橋は「厩橋」という名前です。だから馬のリングを選んだわけではなく、これは偶然。DVFの華やかなこのお洋服を少しカジュアルダウンさせたくて、どうしようかなあと引出しをのぞいていたら、この馬と目が合ったので連れて行きました。Dresstripのまほさんとお揃いのポニーなんですよ。 ところで以前、この場所の近くに上方舞吉村流のお稽古場があり、何度も通いました。毎回悔し涙を流しながらこの土手を歩いたものでした。今も思い出すと悔しくて悔しくて、具合が悪くなります。もっと上手に舞えるようになれば乗り越えられると信じてお稽古に励んでいます。 さて、毎年恒例の北澤八幡さまでの奉納舞は9月2日(土)の18時半からに決まりました。お時間ありましたら、是非いらしてださいね。お待ちしております。

Diane Von Furstenberg top,skirt and bag, Tamara Mellon, 77th ring, Oscar De La Renta earrings, Saint Laurent sungalasses


  1. Lovely photos, Akiko! And you look very beautiful! I love your dress!

  2. You look stunning in this set, I love yout cute ring :-)

  3. Wow! This is a stunning maxi dress and you look gorgeous, Akiko!the ring is super cute ...

  4. Fantastic outfit!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  5. Wonderful summer dress, perfect for you!

  6. I like your outfit a lot, both the dress and the ring :-)
    I remember from my studies at the university it is kabuki dance in Japan and also another dance I forgot the name...

    1. Thank you, Claire!
      The another dance is called Nihon Buyou.
      Nihon means Japan, and Buyou means dance!


  7. Thank you for your warm comments!
    I will visit your blog soon♡


  8. I love your rink! It is so lovely and unique.