Friday, August 18, 2017

Player, Leica Q, And Ginza Six

Hi everyone! I went to Ginza Six. The department store opened this April. I love the five floor. There are many beautiful products that almost men love. I also love them. I found the great glasses from Tom Ford, but I didn't buy them. My purpose was getting Leica Q on the same floor. So I said to the glasses, "Good bye!". Leica shop was near. The staff showed me the last Leica Q in the shop. I heard that Leica Q is soon sold out. So I decide to buy it quickly. Although I have adored Leica camera since I was twenty, I got other cameras from Canon or Nikon. I used to relationship with a man who was relaxed me. I am nervous when I meet a perfect man. Leica camera was like that. But I really wanted it like a dramtic romance! At a luxury restaurant I used it. It was the amazing camera! (Today's photos were took by iPhone or LeicaQ) I can took a macro photo and wide photo by Leica Q, and the product design is perfect! By the way, I went to theater next day. I read the flyer of 'Player' in the first photo. It is a horror play. The story is the dead person speaks from other's mouth. It was so interesting! The theme is reality and spirituality, view of life and death, politics and religion. The story within a story and a rehearsal place go on alternately. It seems complicated, but it was very easy to understand. It was three hours in the blink of an eye.I was excited by the last scene. I applauded as my hands hurt. But the next day, I returned to myself. I noticed that excitement was born of cruel emotions from myself. I was terrified by myself. By the way my outfit is the style of the summer rainy day. I chose the silk dress from Dvf according to the color of the "flyer" of the "player". It gets dried immediately even when I get wet. The shoes from Chiara Ferragni are sturdy even if they enter a puddle, and the patent‐leather bag from kate spade flies off the rain. And the smart watch from kate spade is also convenient when we have a bag and unbrella!

みなさま、こんにちは。先日、やっとGINZAシックスに行ってきました。5階が最高なんです。男のこだわりみたいなフロアなんですけど、昔からそういうのが大好き。 トム・フォードの眼鏡で私の顔にぴったり合うものがあったのですが、我慢しました。なぜなら、この日の目的は同じフロアのライカでライカQを見つける事。入荷してもすぐに売り切れてしまう人気のカメラです。だからトムの眼鏡を振り切って、ライカに一直線。すると、一台だけありました。一分で決めました。ライカは二十歳の時から憧れていたカメラなのに、購入するのはCanonかNikon…。それは、まるで恋愛みたいに一番ドキドキする本命に近寄れなくて、ちょっと気が楽な人を選んできたみたいな感じに似ています。 さっそく、ライカQでお茶しながらいろいろ撮ってみると、驚きで声が出ないほど本当にすごいカメラでした(今日のブログは、iPhoneとLeicaQが混ざってます)。 ずっとずっと、こういうのが欲しかったのです。遠くも近くもお洒落に撮れて軽い。姿形もパーフェクト。 次の日の夜は、シアターコクーンで長塚圭史さん演出の「プレイヤー」を観ました。 会話の途中で死者に体を奪われて死者のセリフを話しだすホラーです。面白そうでしょ。その通り、本当に面白かったですよ。 現実とスピリチャル、死生観、政治や宗教のお話が、劇中劇とお稽古場をいったりきたりしながら進んでいくので、複雑そうなのですが、とても分かりやすくてあっという間の3時間でした。衝撃のラストシーンに興奮して手が痛くなるほど拍手してきたのですが、翌日、我に返り、あの興奮は心の奥底に眠る残酷な感情から生まれていたことに気づいて、そんな自分にぞっとしました。 さて、この日のお洋服は、夏の雨の日のスタイルです。「プレイヤー」のフライヤーの色に合わせて選んだダイアンのワンピースはシルクなので濡れてもすぐ乾きますし、キアラちゃんの靴は水たまりに入っても頑丈で、ケイトのエナメルバッグは雨をはじき飛ばしてくれます。ケイトのスマートウォッチも傘で手がふさがった時に便利です。


  1. Lovely photos, dear friend! You look fantastic!

    1. Thank you Linda!
      I got this dress five years ago!!
      A bright color makes us happy when it is raining : )


  2. That’s cool post!
    Can you follow me? I follow you :)

    Have a nice day!

  3. You're always so on point doll, I love your Chiara Ferragni shoes!
    Kisses, Paola.

  4. That first photo is perfection. Love it!

    Almost Stylish

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