Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The Cat Power 2017 Report in Harajuku

Today's blog is the report from the Cat Power 2017 that is charity exhibition. I drew an illustration for the exhibition. Cat Power 2017 has many special events, so I joined one of them. I met Yutanpo Shirane there. He is very famous illustrator, and he perfumed DJ using like an iPad there. We had met for five or six years. He knows of computers well, his illustrations are perfect, and he teaches young people! I really think he is so great. There were a lot of young illustrators, so I remembered in my 20s. When I was 25 years old, my job of illustration were very little. So I asked two famous illustrators, Yoshimi Ueno and Miyuki Morimoto. We had Yakiniku at Jojoen where is expensive restaurant. They treated me and gave some great advice. I think I can do half things of them. I am late to learn about illustration. Yoshimi Ueno was eating lots of pettitoes, and Miyuki Morimoto wore a lovely mini and light blue bag from Chanel. They passed away, so I am sad when I remember them. By the way, the Cat Power 2017 is held until 13th August. The Galerie Lemonde is behind Milk shop. I love around there because it is near Omotesando Hills! You can see my illustration on previous post. Have a lovely week!

私も出品中のチャリティー展、Cat Power 2017では、会期中いろんなイベントが開催されていて、私もどれか参加してみたくて、一昨日のにゃんにゃんバーにCBAと行ってきました。ゆたんぽさんに5〜6年ぶりぐらいに会えて嬉しかったです。ゆたんぽさんはiPadのようなものでDJをやっていました。いつもメカに強くてイラストはパーフェクトで若い人達の育成にも熱心で、本当にすごい。会場には、若いイラストレーターさんたちがたくさんいました。私の20代は、上野よしみさんと森本美由紀さんに叙々苑で焼き肉をごちそうになり、なかなかイラストの仕事が増えない私の悩みも聞いてもらった事があります。お二人とも、もう会えないから思い出すと泣けてくるけど、「こうしなくちゃだめだよ、こうしたほうがいいよ」と多くの事を教えてくれて、20年かかってやっと半分くらいできるようになってきました。上野さんは、豚足が大好きでボールいっぱいの豚足を美味しそうに食べていて、森本さんは水色のシャネルのミニバッグがお似合いでした。 さて、Cat Power 2017は13日の日曜日までです。ギャラリー・ルモンドはMILKの裏にあります。表参道ヒルズも近くて、いつきても楽しい場所です。 私の作品については、前回の記事でご覧いただけます。それでは、みなさまのご来場をお待ちしております♡

Akira Naka shirt, Aulalee skirt, Alvaro sandals, Gucci sunglasses, kate spade bag and earrings


  1. Dearest friend, your outfit is so beautiful and elegant, and you look amazing! I love all the illustrations and photos!

  2. This event seems to be very interesting! Gorgeous images :)

  3. Ah, this is so lovely! Perfect for all the cat lovers and you look stunning!

    Almost Stylish

  4. Such a lovely exbhit and beautiful illustration as usual Akiko!
    Btw, your outfit is very glam!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. The color of your skirt is so pretty! Let's go there when i go to Tokyo in October!


  6. Very beautiful pictures! ;) love your blog, very good inspiration ♡ sexy bridesmaid dresses

  7. Beautiful photos! It must have been really lovely to have your illustrations there and to be doing something for charity! :) xx

  8. Wonderful photos, my friend. And you look so pretty!

  9. Thank you for lovely comments!
    Have a lovely week❤️