Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Thinking of Renovation

Today's photos were took at the entrance of my home. I had my home about 15 years ago, so I have renovated little by little by myself. I used not to know of my taste of a house, now I can imagine it from Pinterest images. When I read Deborah Lloyd's interview in Harper's Bazaar, I agreed her! She offered other people a house design, but she didn't like it for one year. So she designed it by herself! I often don't feel uplifted. I read her interview again and I can make a plan of my home renovation again. By the way. I wear this Masshiva T-shirt from Boutique★Hiramatsu many times. There are a few size of those sandals from Raye on Revolve!

今日の写真は、我が家のエントランスで撮影しました。築15年くらい経つので、少しずつ自分でリフォームしています。家を建てた時はまだ自分の好みがはっきりしていなかったのですが、今はPiterestに理想の画像を集めてセンスを磨いています。以前ハーパース・バザーで、デボラ・ロイドさんの家を建てた時のインタビューを読んで共感しました。デボラさんは一年以上外注の人のプランに満足がいかず、ご自身で家のデザイン画を描いたそうです。リフォーム計画が面倒くさくなって挫けそうな時、その記事を見るとモチベーションが上がります。 さて、今年の夏はブティック★ヒラマツのマッシーバTシャツをよく着ます。Revolveを見てみたら、このRAYEのサンダルのサイズが増えていましたよ。こちらです。

Masshiva T-shirt, Support Surface Pants, Raye sandals, Saint Laurent sunglasses


  1. I love your outfit, dear friend!

    1. Thank you, Linda!
      This outfit is so comfortable!!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Clair!
      On the weekend, I often wear these clothes!!