Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kate Spade New York Holiday 2017 Collection

Today's blog is the report of "Kate Spade New York Holiday 2017 Collection" inspired by the night sky in Siberia! The design of the bag in the top picture is caviar. It is so lovely, and the owl bag also is cute! The most amazing bag is the zodiac sign bag in the seventh picture!! We can switch it on and the zodiac sign flickers on and off. If you have it at a party, you will steal the show! I love star motif, so I was so excited about this collection. Kate Spade New York Coffee Table Book No.4 "She" will be released in October. I heard that there are many exciting women in this book. For example, Gloria Steinem, Nina Simone, and Carrie Bradshaw!! I can't wait to get the book! By the way, I took today's photos with my LeicaQ. I think the camera is so great for a report of an exhibition. And macro shooting is great, too. I can use it easily!!

今日のブログは、Kate Spade New York Holiday 2017 Collectionのリポートです。今回のコレクションはシベリアの冬の夜空からインスパイアされたそうです。一番上の写真のキャビアのバッグやフクロウのバッグ、とっても可愛いですよね。一番驚いたのは、星座のバッグです。スイッチを押すと、なんと星がキラキラ点滅するんですよ。このバッグを持てば、パーティの人気者です。星のモチーフは大好きなので、本当に興奮したコレクションでした。それから、Kate Spade New York Coffee Table Bookの4冊目『She』が10月に発売されるそうです。内容は、エキサイティングな女性たちの特集。例えば、グロリア・スタイネム、ニーナ・シモン、キャリー・ブラッドショーも!!発売が待ちきれません。話は変わりますが、今回の写真は全てライカQで撮りました。ライカQは、展示会のリポートにとても向いています。マクロ撮影も安定してさくさく撮れます。


  1. Their bags always look so too adorable! Can't wait to see you!

  2. The bags are so interesting and original!
    Have a nice week!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  3. What a great collection, Akiko! You look radiant, I love your outfit!

  4. Beautiful photos, Akiko. Kate Spade is one of my favourite designers! You look so pretty, my friend!!!!!

  5. The caviar bag and the owl bag are so cute! I always love their holiday collection :)
    xo Samantha

  6. I love that pink checkered coat in the third photo. The whole collection is wonderful and every single piece would look great on you.

  7. Thank you for your many comments!!
    Kate spade always surprise us!!