Transparent Blouse From Revolve

L'Academie blouse, Akira Naka skirt, Sergio Rossi heels, Balenciaga bag, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Kate Spade New York watch

Hi everyone! Today's blouse is from L'Academie on Revolve. Transparent clothes are one of the trends in spring and summer 2018, and I love that my blouse is not too see-through. When the blouse I wore was too see-through, a few people looked bothered. So I consider the place and occasion when I wear sheer items. However I bet many people like this blouse. This black pebbly embroidery like polka dots is so elegant, and it was a coincidence that the color is the same as this Starbucks latté. I styled it with this metric navy pleated skit, and I think all of the colors go well with the blouse! There are four blouses I chose on Revolve below. I think that we can get a mature and casual style like Franca Sozzani and Inès de la Fressange!! How about yourself? Tell me about your favorite icon!

みなさま、こんにちは。 今日のシャツは、REVOLVEで見つけたトレンドのトランスペアレントなブラウス。 透け過ぎないところが気に入っています。 以前、透け透けのブラウスを着ていたら、透けてますよと注意されたのでTPOをわきまえるようになりました。 黒のつぶつぶは上品な刺繍、スターバックスのアイスラテと同じ色なのは偶然。 今回は、メタリックネイビーのプリーツスカートを合わせましたが、何色でも合いそうなのでたくさん着回しできそうです。 シャツやブラウスの着こなしのお手本は、いつもフランカ・ソツァーニやイネス・ド・ラ・フレサンジュをお手本にしているんですけど、 彼女たちに近づけそうなアイテムを選んでみました。みなさまも、参考にしている人がいたら教えてくださいね。

1.L'Academie /2.Equipment /3.FRAME /4.Ganni


  1. Omg I'm literally obsessed with your style-- So cute!!

    Best Maternity Styles

  2. lovely styling! So full of spring!
    I like your blouse Akiko but your skirt is too lovely as well

    Inside and Outside Blog and Instagram

  3. You look really lovely in this outfit! :) xx

  4. This is seriously such a perfect look for you!! I love the pleated skirt, so lovely and chic<3
    xo Samantha

  5. こんばんは。トレンディとレトロの調和したファッション、とても素敵です。15年位前に透明なハンドバッグが流行り、慌てて輸入しましたが、沢山在庫を抱えた記憶があります。
     Kate Spade の時計とてもクールです。私は趣味でコントラクトブリッジをやっています。男性用時計があればよいのにと思いました。

  6. Wow, I love every single piece of your OOTD!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. love your style babe!

  8. Hello Akiko, hope you're having a nice week and first of all thanks for all the support on my site :D

    I really like the essence of your blog and the way you put your essence in everything, it doesn't matter if you're showing us a drawing or an attire. I really liked this one and how you mixed it with your latte (a coffee at the beginning of the day is always necessary don't you think? :D, I've heard about a good one in Tokyo named Alfred Tea Room, I don't know if you have visited...).

    Gonna take a look at the other posts and best regards from Barcelona!

  9. Love your style!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase


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