Sunday, April 15, 2018

My First Shopping On Zaful

This shirts printed stars is from Zaful, and it was my first time that I bought something there! And it was also my first time that I used the tag 'read more'on my blog! Please click!!
この星柄のシャツはZAFULでお買い物しました。実は、ZAFULは初めてだったのでドキドキしました。もう一つ初めてのことがあります。それは、この後に'read more'タグをつけてみることにしました。是非、続きをお楽しみくださいね。

A few months ago, I saw the shirt on Alice's blog 'So Alice' that is one of my favorite blogs. Her styling and selection is always wonderful, and that shirt was too tempting!! When I saw Alice wearing it, I felt my first shopping day on Zaful had come! I ordered two shirts and two blouses because they are so lovely price!! To be honest, one blouse printed lots of tiny cactus was different color and material from that I was I gave it for my young sister! However I haven't seen that she wears it yet. By the way, the last image is the newest Glow fashion magazine, and there are my comic strip and fashion snaps every month since 2010. Today's outfit is the right end.
数ヶ月前に、私のお気に入りのブログの一つ「So Alice」で、このシャツを見つけました。アリスのセレクションとスタイリングが本当に素敵なので、いつかZAFULでお買い物してみたいなあと思っていました。私の大好きな星柄のシャツをアリスが着ていた時に(こちらです)、これはすごく可愛いと思ったので初ショッピングをしてみることに。シャツを二枚、ブラウス二枚買っても驚きのプライスでした。 四枚中、一枚は冒険してサボテン柄を選んでみたのですが、イメージと違ったので妹にあげました。しかし、まだ彼女が来ているのを見た事がありません。 さて、最後の写真はGLOW最新号です。今日のスタイリングは、Beauty Press下段のスナップの右端です。

Hyke coat, Zaful shirt, Aularee skeirt, Kate Spade bag, sunglasses, key chain, shoes, watch, Fossil watch in the last picture


  1. You look lovely in this outfit! :) xx

  2. I have the same shirt from Zaful :-) You look gorgeous in this styling my dear, I love your bag :-)

  3. こんばんは。沢山のブログのアップ、楽しい写真を数多く見させていただきました。星柄のシャツを着られて、将に、星の王女様ですね。 ベネルックス三国に旅行してきました。

  4. Hey Akiko, hope you're having a nice Monday.

    It is always nice to see your outfit photos displaying the coolest areas of your city, I would really love to visit Japan one day so thanks for sharing a little bit of your daily life in your posts and on Instagram :) I have heard a lot about Zaful, and I could see that they really offer many different pieces, especially garments with interesting prints that could give an interesting twist to almost every outfit. I really love that it is a classic outfit but with an interesting tip with the print of the shirt ;)

    Best and have a nice week ahead! Ooooh and thanks for your nice comment on my site, it is really a motivation to keep up with the good work!


  5. Love this shirt from Zaful! Nice choice and styling<3
    xo Samantha

  6. You make even cheaper clothes look a million $$!

    Almost Stylish

  7. Such an elegant look!
    Have a nice end of the week!
    Gil Zetbase

  8. Oh girl you look amazing
    Love this trecnh on you

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style